Optimism: Fighting The Good Fight

keep-calm-and-be-positive-58Along with our existence i.e. the living and animated; we are gifted with feelings and emotions, which dictate our actions. The origin of these feelings and emotions lie within our sub-conscious, relating to unsettled issues about something or someone. Not all five fingers are identical, and similarly not one person is either. The human mind differs in thinking from another, some are more sensitive, while others might be more understanding; our lives are formed by the feelings we act on; and those actions decide the fate that we will have.

Just like emotions such as happy, sad, hate, love and anger, there are certain feelings that also alter our actions and that is because they alter our emotions, the feelings are tired, hunger, hurt and pleasured. Feelings such as tired, hunger and hurt invoke the anger and sadness or the negative emotions, while pleasure is a type of enjoyment which evokes an emotion of content or happiness. The emotions have a certain power that they emit, and they can be either negative or positive; our actions are based depending upon the power of the emotion that is evoked. There is one more reason why these emotions are so difficult to understand, it is because of their volatile nature; thus we need to learn how to keep them in check.

We are an ‘Exclusive’ species when we talk about things such as emotions and rational thought, other species can feel pain, hurt and react accordingly, but the emotions and ability to sympathise lies within our power exclusively. With the many merits with the emotions that we carry, there are cons which follow; often there are times in which we get carried away with our moods and act on our state of mind, instead of our mind; it is that control which needs to be practiced in order to have a stable environment and not disrupt the existing environment and its stability.

In our daily adventures, there are some moments in which we have impulsive actions, could be while you are out shopping, or with a friend whom you have a crush on, or simply going about your daily chores. These impulses are made on the feelings that arise at that particular time, and these feelings sometimes are so strong that they blur your thoughts. While out shopping you might be attracted to a pair of glares or shoes and just buy them; or when you with a friend, who you consider to be more, the arousal from the environment and the company of the friend may give you an impulse to ask them out on a date, which you wouldn’t have the courage to do in any other day; or just bunking a day of work because of the alternate hunger for being free is evoked. We are not only social animals but also emotional ones, our actions are dictated by our emotions and there are times when we regret some actions when our negative emotions show their colours.


Like everything that exists, we are comprised of two powers i.e. negative and positive, the balance of this power is what defines everything and anything that you know of. Similar to the impulses emerged from the positive feelings and emotions, the negative impulses have a darker consequence. Anger, hurt and sadness pull the person to a negative part of his environment, there might be moments when you might have acted on them while in a conversation with your peers or parents; after a long day and you have to attend a get together of some kind; just having a bad day and the first person who walks into you. In all of the scenarios you need to understand that no one is to blame here, our emotions are so strong that it is impossible to keep them all in control and sometimes you need to let them out with a close friend or a confidant.

In my personal experiences, there are times when I have embraced the darker side, it was my perception that it helped me get rid of the expectations that always disappoint, but it was on the contrary, I still had expectations, but instead of expecting them to work, I expected them to muck up the work. It is often the curiosity that successfully fools us of the reality, I was curious to experience life as a cynic and therefore I became one (not helpful), similarly do many others with similar motives. The inspiration does not lie in the emotion of a darker or lighter side of life, but merely its experience will tell it all.


The desire to be different is also dangerous, like any emotions are, some bring you back from the shadows of cynicism while others drive you into them. There is a television series known as ‘Californication’, in that there is a very true quote which goes like, “anyone can be cynical, can you dare to be an optimist?” It is true isn’t it, we succumb into the feelings which are harmful simply because it is too difficult to climb out of them.

“What is a cynic? A man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.” – Oscar Wilde

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