For an Optimist, the Glass is always Full

It is a known fact that having a positive outlook towards life and its myriad nuances is beneficial for mind, body and overall well being of a person. Since childhood, we are taught to be optimistic. Optimism does wonders to a personality. Having negative thoughts blocks our minds so much that it just cannot be done away with. It shuns our eyes from seeing our immense potential. Whereas, imagine yourself with a winning trophy, isn’t your reaction to the world and all the circumstances around tad too different from that when you just cannot stop procrastinating?

Wonders of Optimism

Having a positive attitude multiplies our joy and happiness multifold. It adds to our glee and washes away our gloom. With a positive mindset, you are sure to not feel under the weather. Being positive acts as a revitalising and re-energising force and it increases our productivity to no bounds. It provides a constructive approach to life, having which success becomes a child’s play. The kind of relief optimism gives in psychological aspect is one that is too hard to be matched, if at all that is possible. This keeps us calm and helps us to find solutions to all the problems in a very quick and easy way.

Whenever we are happy, it brings in a complete change within ourselves. We start looking at the positives more and are able to make peace with the negatives. We do not find the obstacles as some demonic forces. Instead, we put in all our heart and soul into finding a way to get over with the obstacles in a smooth manner. Similar can take place, vice-versa. If we have a positive outlook towards things and do not let the negativity take toll on us, then it automatically helps us evolve into much happier and content beings. This happiness is obviously worth the effort of imbibing optimism in our daily lives. Is it not?

Now one might argue that how can one be positive when one is actually just submerged in the pool of negativity. And if you look at it on a surface level, then it is surely a very valid point. But, don’t we realise that if there were no negative elements then there would not be any need to bring about a positive change in life. Things work in a comparative way and this is one of those examples. If you are surrounded by negative thoughts and negative people, then my dear friend, you are in a dire need of adapting a positive attitude. Sure, the odds are not in your favour always. But sitting there and cribbing over the situation is not going to help at all or better the situation. However, if you bring in a positive change within yourself then who knows, you might just go on to create history!

The problem with the good and bad aspects of a certain kind of attitude is that they cannot be proved through some sort of mathematical equations. They just can be explained with the help of examples both live and dead. Nelson Mandela is always looked at as person with a very strong sense of optimism. If he would not have had that hope, then how could have Africa gained independence? A number of warriors who have successfully fought with the awful maladies of cancer and emerged victorious swear by positivity. This makes me wonder that if positivity is such a great life-saving virtue indeed, then why not all of us actually practice it.

Maybe it is because stress has become an integral part of our lives which brings along a great number of negative thoughts and diseases. When we go for a vacation, don’t we feel a bit weird and awkward at the beginning? That is because we are so used to being under a constant pressurised environment that we are just not able to make peace with this enormous mass of rejuvenating energy of positivity that has been thrown at our faces with full illuminating force. Can it be any worse? I do not think so. As much as we need to imbibe a positive attitude, it seems that we are just getting away from it. But it is too simple to have positivity within. You just need to think of any good memory and all falls into place. Soon you will find that you do not need to dig into the past to have a positive outlook. It will start coming naturally to you.

There are plus signs and there are minus signs in life. But that does not mean that we will just concentrate our entire strength only on the latter. Having a positive attitude is much more fun than anything else. Come to think of it. What do you like more? A grumpy face or a cheerful face? Obviously, you know the answer. As Rhonda Byrne says, the secret lies in having a positive outlook. So next time, whenever you feel that the world is after all not that good a place to live in and you have a stream of negative thoughts pulling you down, do not feel overwhelmed. Just know that you are a beautiful person who is capable of changing the world with a smile.

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