Outer Beauty Attracts but Inner beauty Captivates

Girls have you felt it lately that your boyfriend loved you at the first place because you charmed him by your looks. Or am I just stereotyping the girls’ beauty factor over here? Well, whatever is the reason behind his falling for you or you being enchanted, the term beauty has been exaggerated since years for no good reason. Beauty as Wikipedia defines it is the state of a person’s appearance when it brings pleasure and satisfaction. If pleasure and satisfaction comes from within, then why is beauty to be read only on the face? Beauty attracts and is interpreted as the perfect harmony of nature. There is a complete study behind this which is present as aesthetics, sociology and culture. True that beauty is associated with the birth of goddess venus and she is the classic personification. But if we go a little deeper and overlook the ideal beauty concept we shall see that inner beauty prevails. It is such a huge sphere in itself that will skim over all the secondary looks and appearances. Inner beauty encompasses qualities like care, concern, love for humanity, compassion and others. I recall a very famous yet controversial quote of Marilyn Monroe, “boys think girls are like books. If the cover doesn’t catch their eyes, they will not bother to read what is inside.” Now before the readers make any presumptions about the mention of this quote, it is not intended to anyone and certainly not gender biased.

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Beauty is not in your face, it is how brightly your heart glows for others. The way you speak and the way you present yourself are included in its definition. If you look into a person’s eyes and see kindness, vulnerability, passion and genuine feelings for you, nobody in this world is as beautiful as him. Discontinue the thoughts of imperfection and learn to enjoy your individual personality. Find your individuality. The one who loves you, be your family, friends or your life partner, will accept you with your imperfections and will never bother to make you feel guilty about them. Look into the mirror every day and tell yourself that you are beautiful the way you are. And by the way, who said that only fair complexioned people are beautiful. It doesn’t matter if you are wheatish or dusky in appearance. All which really matters is if you have a heart of gold. Start to see yourself as healthy, strong and independent. Be confident while projecting out yourself to the world. They are always after your throats if you fall weak. Do not hold yourself back because you don’t have the looks. Be confident and venture out because you are unique in your own individual way.


People often mislead themselves by starting to follow unnecessary diet patterns and strict exercise regimes. Eat healthy, that is all you need. Work out regularly as and when your body suits you. Do not overstretch yourself unless you want to end up being anorexic. Yoga can boost your image manifolds both physically and mentally. Before one takes on any project or task to work out and look beautiful, do not forget that you are perfect the way you are and have always been. Do not blindly go about grooming yourself for the sake of looking fabulous for your boyfriend/girlfriend. When you mimic, you become nobody. You lose your originality and that is the moment you should fear. If you are very upfront about looking at your best, try experimenting with your clothes. Mix and match a pair of denims with neon coloured tees. Try a different hairdo. Most of all be yourself. I have a friend who do not approve of a guy. The irony of the situation is that both of their parents are happy about the relationship but my friend dislikes him. When asked of the reason of her hatred, she gave me the most futile and awful answer as a rejection. The guy was fairer than her and she did not want her beauty to be suppressed by that fact. I hardly talk to her now.


To put in into simple words, inner beauty basically means being a good person. Being kind, honest and passionate will bring about the sufficient changes. Do not take it in a negative manner. When one talks of inner beauty, it is not a phrase for being ugly. If you think that way, then you are totally mistaken. It must be interpreted as the best part of your appearance which no picture can ever express. Love yourself no matter if all the odds are stacked against you. Be thankful for howsoever you look because you have a good heart inside. Being nice and considerate to all is a part of your beauty. If you are able to look the good in everyone around you, you will have lovely eyes. And if you are never judgemental about others’ looks, then you certainly have a beautiful, charming face. Of course these are not the answers of any beauty queen in a pageant. We have become so obsessed by beautiful, that even scientific research has diverted its attention towards this topic. We tend to forget two very important lines about life’s harshest truth. Looks are only skin deep. It is what on the inside that counts.

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