Outgrowing my teenage

A lot has been said and written about teenage. The million physical and psychological changes one goes through during these years and how teenagers are the most complicated and misunderstood lot of people. But I am not writing about that stuff. Though they are truly the most magical years of one’s life. But instead, right now I am more interested in the life that begins after your teenage is over. Right now I am 19 years old which means it is the last year I can ever spend as a teenager, in fact just a few months now. Life till now has been pretty simple, though I had my share of teenage drama and I had to go through the same universal problems and issues every teenager is aware of. Heartbreaks, identity crisis, looking for freedom etc. Earlier I could do things my way or at least I could be upset when they would go otherwise. And it was all quite understood after all its teenage and teenagers screw up and throw tantrums. But during last couple of years I am happening to notice some changes in a few things. The word “responsibility” and “taking charge” has somewhere become an integral part of life. Then be it taking charge of my life or taking responsibilities whenever I am required to. Now I have started holding myself accountable for all the choices I make as well as their consequences.


My urge to spend money without thinking has somewhere suppressed. I am more interested in earning now. And why just earning, but protecting, saving and investing. Spending it over the right things and learning the difference between need and desire is something which is becoming natural now. I have realized that cribbing about how I don’t like studying is of no use, though I still loathe exams! But I have accepted the importance of education and how a Master’s degree can also not ensure you a job in this highly competitive world.

There is no such thing as puppy love anymore. Meaningless flings still do happen and a lot us go for them. But there are also serious relationships. The ones which face harsh circumstances like distance, parent’s disapproval, clashes of opinions, career priorities and some great deal of misunderstandings. And breaking up with your girlfriend or boyfriend the moment you hit a slightly rough patch doesn’t seem very sensible. But facing those harsher times and making your relationship sail through those patches is more like it. A lot of my batch-mates are already above 21. And once in a while we are also talking about marriage proposals! Now that part scares me a little bit.


The preferred television channels have also changed now. I am completely over cartoons, unless they start showing the good old 90’s ones. But now they just show monotype Japanese ones. But even sitcoms aren’t the only thing to watch on television. But we could always watch something more informative, like news maybe. And it isn’t just movies and latest music we gossip about. But politics is the newly found subject to have endless heated conversations on.

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I cannot really say that whether all this is a positive change or a negative one but there is a change. And a very significant one, that’s for sure. Life is teaching new things. Some of them are quite exciting while some are hard to accept. The time after leaving high school which once appeared as the tough time now doesn’t seem to be tough at all. In fact those were still the good days. But further stepping into a more matured and grown up world is a little scary. In the real world everyone doesn’t get equal opportunities and the ones you get, those also you don’t get twice. You are truly fortunate if you get them twice. Once one comes out of the teenage bubble and steps into the adult world they have to face the harshest truth of all, that life isn’t fair. There are mean people that you cannot complain about to anyone but have to learn dealing with them. And you don’t always get what you give. At least for now you don’t. I am a believer in goodness, faith, believe, hope and magic but I am also beginning to realize that life doesn’t always work like that. Though it is wonderful being an optimistic and there is nothing wrong with it but you cannot always just sit back and wait for the magic to happen. You have to put in efforts and work hard to get something positive out of anything. And even after you put in a whole lot of effort it doesn’t ensure that you will get what you worked for. Unfair? As is said life is unfair and you still have to live.

But relax! I am not trying to scare you off but just trying to prepare you for the life ahead. Actually I am preparing myself for the life ahead. And I am sure there are also a lot of amazing things waiting to happen and greatness that we still have to achieve. And don’t worry, we will do just fine!

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