We Overthink- We think About Overthinking- We think More.

We are dying from over thinking. We are slowly killing ourselves by thinking  about everything. Think. Think. Think. You can never trust the human mind anyway. It’s a death trap. – Anthony Hopkins

Many of us might not admit it but we all over think and to an extent that it takes away our capability to look at the problem or the situation in a practical manner. Over thinking is a big weakness we all possess, the issue or matter may differ according to their importance in our lives. Many people have this tendency to over think about everything in their life which only makes them emotionally weak and takes away their decision making power to a great extent. The confusion between ‘ Should I ‘ and ‘ Should I not ‘ takes away a lot of your time and energy. We over think about love, choices of clothes , our careers , sex and every other little thing in life. Yes, issues like love and career are important matters of life but these are also matters where you already kind of know the answers . Then there is no scope for over thinking here. For example -if you like someone , you know deep down inside that you do , thinking again and again about this that weather you should approach them or not makes you weak. In this process of over thinking you tend to depress yourself , put yourself down which should not be the case.

Now, the bigger question here is why do we all tend to over think ? There can be many reasons to this but the most important one is ” FEAR” . Fear of the unknown, fear of failure , of doing something wrong. This fear creates a lot of anxiety in our minds preventing us from thinking critically and taking risks. Over thinking always leads us to easy options for the time being which might not be successful in the long run. It is this fear of making mistakes that make us think about a situation over and over again. The conflict between the idealized self and the real self is another reason. We don’t want to go wrong while reaching where we want to, hence we over analyse stuff.

We need to understand that over thinking will not help us take better decisions but it might further make the situation more complex. Don’t we all re read the text we get from someone special ? Yes, we all do. And we all do it to take out some deeper meaning out of it, trying to understand and interpret as much as possible . This is exactly where we over think. Sometimes things can mean just as they have been conveyed and you have to understand them in that straight manner without scrutinizing the matter too much. When we over think we generally end up doing things which are in our comfort zone , which doesn’t allow us to diversify and explore.

We generally over think about matters that are important to us. We just want to avoid all kind of errors in these important issues and we believe that thinking over and over again will help but actually it hinders your progress.

We all need to get rid of this anxiety and fear and take those little risks that we avoid. Rational decisions can become clouded if a person lingers  on them for too long. There is no denying that it is important to think about things but we forget that there is a thin line between thinking and over thinking. One needs to just focus on the initial thoughts and follow their gut and instincts too. Also to avoid this problem of over thinking one can analyse a situation when one is in a relaxed state of mind because that is when we think in one direction. Very often we may also take wrong decisions when we are thinking about too many things at the same time. This creates a lot of confusion . We need to learn to control our minds.

One of the most helpful things can be to stop thinking about the worst that can happen in a situation because that prevents us from thinking right. Every person who over thinks has a pessimistic kind of approach towards everything in life, which is hard to overcome. Putting things into perspective can help . Instead of wasting time in thinking about how or what to do, we should just do it. Because if it works in our favor then good for us , if not then we can know where we lacked and it can prove to be a great learning experience.We need to realize that it cannot always be a win-win situation. Also we just need to stop worrying about failing or making the wrong decision or choice. After all things cannot be as difficult as we think , I believe everything can be worked out in life with a positive attitude.

Just stop confusing yourself further. We all over think and we all lack somewhere. All we need to learn is the art of taking things as they come and moving ahead in life without any fear or anxiety. All we need to learn is to ” Stop Over thinking”.

we all overthink

we all overthink

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