Overthinking is the problem, Not a Solution


J.B.S Haldane, the famous writer states that- ‘If my mental processes are determined wholly by the motions of atoms in my brain, I have no reason for supposing that my beliefs are true. They may be sound chemically, but that does not make them sound logically. And hence, I have no reason for supposing my brain to be composed of atoms’.

The above quote can be confusing or can be seen as a saying from a genius who understood the meaning of the complex mind but what it actually makes others do is to ‘Overthink’. Overthinking is a concept that has recently been into trend. Teenagers specifically are out there overthinking over love, life and truth. Nowadays, the world has turned into a sort of business place and each second has its own value out there. Stress levels have reached an epitome of sorts and you have to make appointments and look into schedules to spend quality time with your loved ones.

John Keats, the poet once said that- ‘The only means of strengthening one’s intellect is to make up one’s mind about nothing- to let the mind be a thoroughfare for all thoughts. Not a select party.’ Thinking more about things and taking stress is one of the most common practices among people nowadays. There might not be anything in the matter but by overthinking about it, you would affect your health and when you find the inference of the entire incident with the conclusion that it was not worth any effort then you feel low that you thought of thinking about it. There are many as such instances around and examples that show what overthinking can lead to.

Like if you are someone who helps your friends, then there might be a friend of yours who might have fallen for some guy/girl and you are helping him through all those friends-pushing-friends-to-get-the-one stuff and it isn’t even something that has any link towards you but you are overthinking for your friend. It might happen that your friend just has a crush, or he has no interest in her, the other person might like someone else, and things like that. Another situation is studies, you might overthink about your exams which have yet to come but you are taking all the stress by overthinking about the results. Come on, you have to give the exams first and then only would the results arrive. It is not like overthinking beforehand about the results would provide you with any answers.

Sometimes it happens that the answers for the ordeals are simple but you simply contradict one answer to another, one supposition to another and one possible way from another. You tend to weigh out which might be the most comfortable and acceptable one and in between it gets in line with the settings of your mind and increases the stress levels to new heights. Thoroughness of the mind is actually what you need to have. It is only through thinking clearly and effortlessly without any contraptions of any kind can you get to the answer for the obstacles in your life. Overthinking won’t lead you to anywhere and it would just lead you to a massive disastrous inner self and emotional turmoil that would seem like blasphemous to you.

George Orwell in his classic magnificent classic novel, Nineteen eighty-four wrote- ‘Doublethink means the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously and accepting both of them’. This is what human nature is all about. We overthink over things and over anything whether it means anything to us or not, whether it is trivial matter or a really uptight situation, we just tend to make an issue on each and every of the disturbances. You can imagine how often it happens that some misused words could generate misleading thoughts. Remember always that with a strong mind, the weak can overcome the strong and the soft can overcome the hard. One just needs to take heed of their conscience and work as per towards their goals. It is always better to have a clear opinion on things rather than overthink on matters and take unnecessary stress upon yourself.

It is the nature and advantage of confident people that they are able to bring out the crucial questions and form an absolute opinion on them. It is only through this method that they are able to have a clear mind. Others on the other hand tend to decide between alternatives that are not their own and this leads to conflictions in their minds and they are nowhere right in their thinking and decision making ability. It is only through errors that you might learn the lessons of life but it does not mean that to avoid them you should overthink so much as to forget how to live life and how to enjoy each and every moment that life provides you. Life is precious and is given only once and you need to live it in the finest and grandest way…help people and make other smile…do your work and provide support to the ones who need you.

In the end, don’t overthink over things and remain calm, patient and be yourself. Here are few lines by A.P Herbert which defines the strengths and weakness hidden inside you that constitutes life- ‘Nothing is wasted, nothing is in vain; the seas roll over but the rocks remain’.

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