The Paradox Of Civilisation

This world is enormous and humanity is merely one of those billions and trillions of races. Ever since our race came into existence we are continuously evolving or at least we think we are evolving. We have unearthed many extraordinary mysteries of nature and proved our superiority among other life forms. We are the most civilized creatures of the universe ever known to us. We have got airplanes which travels miles per minute some of them even travel faster than sound, gigantic machines which can dig tunnels through biggest mountains of the world, medicines which can bring a dying person to a wrestling ring just in few days, we have reached moon and we can talk to someone from Delhi to New York in no time. Shouldn’t we be proud of ourselves? I think our capacity and potency in unquestionable. But do we know what are we doing? Where are we headed to? Is there any purpose of whatever is we doing or is it just a rat race?

Science and Human Mind

There was an era when people were less organized or uncivilized or you can say barbaric if you like. There were no rules, powerful used to exploit weak; there wasn’t any courtroom or police to save the rights of helpless people and to perform justice. Words like fairness, equity, justice and rights had no significance but now things are not the same; in fact everything is entirely different now. We have divided the world, created constitutions, everybody has got some fundamental rights and of course some duty to perform. Most importantly we are free and that is the most important privilege our constitution provides us. No one can bully you or take your money or take your life. You can perform any business you want, or can select any religion you like or can speak any language you wish to speak. Really this is amazing! Just stop for a moment and think about all this I bet you will thank our ancestors and freedom fighters. Now there is law and we are civilized, organized and most important human then why there is so much chaos in the world? Why every country has to make atom bombs? For protection? Whom do you want to protect? A common man who is a clerk and never had any enemy? Or a 5 year old kid who doesn’t even know why people fight? From whom we need protection? A Muslim from Pakistan who prays 5 times a day for his family’s safety? Or a nun who lives in English monastery and pray? You can say there are unsocial and radical elements in our society, there are terrorists, murders, and psychopaths etc. etc. But who created them? And why they have to destroy their own race, their own people? After all they are also humans. When someone does something inhuman we don’t ask why he has to do that or what the main reason could have been; instead of eradicating the problem we just focus on short term solutions. If humans are most intelligent civilized creatures and trees, snakes, bulls and birds are inferior or stupid then why do we fight and they don’t? Why do we kill each other and they don’t? Why do we need separate countries, separate states, separates borders and they don’t? And how are they managing to survive without any constitution? Isn’t it ironical? Smartest creature needs pieces of papers (constitution) and guns and deadly chemicals to survive.

Race To Reach The Top

Today life has become a race (rat race I’d say) and if you want to survive you must win the race at any cost. From the day we take our first step our parents somehow train us so that we can survive this rat race. We study and fight for good grades (today no body studies to learn) so that we can get a job and earn good money (we created money and now money is shaping us). Once we get a good job with a 6 figure salary we buy a car one of the greatest inventions; as everyone wants a car so there are people who are building cars. They first cut the forest for fuel digs earth for metals. Then they build heavy machines capable of creating cars then they build computers to operate them; then many people work day and night and spend half of their life working in these factories and then a car gets produced. (Just to travel few mph faster we are ready to do all this.) Now as these cars are ready to run there should be enough roads for the car (who needs road you or car? Think!). So now we cut forests, destroy buildings, destroy standing crops, make bridges, build dams, build reservoir so that we can produce electricity and then we build roads. (A tiny wish of one person is responsible for all this). Now the roads are ready cars are ready you can travel few mph faster. Congratulations! But our happiness doesn’t last very long. because the car we drive emits carbon dioxide, sulphur, led etc. these pollutants might create hole in your heart that’s not it temperature of our environment rises and then ice on the poles melts then comes the tsunami and devastation and death and grief. And then we light few candles we mourn for few minutes and go to our home in our car enjoying cool synthetic breeze coming out of the A/C vent.  So, the root to all the problems in the world is desire, the desperation to move ahead of others and be supreme.


The best thing in this world you can do is eat pray and love. There is nothing you can control. Respect yourself and others. We are human so we should act like humans. We should try to be more humane and that only will lead us towards the civilization, towards a down of new era where greed, anger, agony, lust, revenge, jealousy etc. will not have any place in our heart and brotherhood and love will prevail.

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