Passion, let it Burn Inside

When  you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.

~ Rumi

Who, other than Rumi, could ever put into words feelings other mortals would fail to encapsulate due to their incomprehension of what they feel? In but a few words, he has captured what it is to feel passionately about what you do. In just two sentences, he captures what it feels like to be moved from the core of your soul, to every fibre of your being, when you discover the things which drive you.

You know you are alive and breathing when there is that one thing which fuels you to take action, make others listen to you and join you on your cause. That something, which will make you work harder, make your heart beat faster and will burn like a fire blazing inside you. You know you have found that one thing when you feel liberated in doing what you do and are determined to accomplish what you started.


Passion is the feeling that makes people do crazy things. 24 hours in the day will seem less to do what you want to. You try and do as much as you can. You drive yourself ahead even though you might feel totally exhausted. Even though you may find yourself at the end of the rope, you will hold on with all your strength, and with all that is left in you, you will slowly but steadily start climbing it up again, till you reach your destination.

When people are happy with what they do, you can feel the change in the person. There is a mad kind of energy which surges through them which will captivate you and you will feel swept away by the storm of this person’s activity, and you will never even know what hit you. There is a glow about this person who does what he believes in and will stand by it no matter what the cost.

Passion alone, however, is dangerous when taken obsessively. The drive which you feel will slowly but steadily eat you up from the inside. It will burn you out and leave you gasping for air. Like a cancer that spread, it will consume you, leaving you impoverished and devoid of any other feeling or sensation. The rush to accomplish, to fulfil, to prove, to establish will leave you burned out, making a waste out of you and leaving you empty.

You can be passionate about various things – food, art, photography, movies, writing, music, reading, cars and even bikes – there are various things which arouse this deep desire in people. Some are able to recognise this and make their desires materialise into reality. Others maybe passionate about what they are already doing and are happy with what they do. What would seem to be the most mundane, unimaginative thing to others, may be deeply inspiring and motivating to another.

Passion is also to do what you love and be able to respect and recognise the same in another person. Passion is what keeps you going on and on even if the results are nowhere in sight, to know that what you are doing may not get you fame and money, but a quiet joy, that begins from your soul and fills you with happiness to the brim. Time runs in a vacuum and the world seems to shrink as you get absorbed in your work. Even 24 hours will not be enough to do what you want to and you are already drawing up a plan of action for the next day.

At times like these, words like ‘destiny’, ‘fate’ and ‘luck’ are irrelevant, for you recognise the power of action, above and beyond anything else. Hard work, combined with determination and focus is sure to get you where you want to be. There is nothing more fulfilling in this world than knowing what you have given more than 100% to the work you are doing and have poured your heart and soul into it. To be honest to one’s self and do justice to the task at hand requires passion.

It requires no inspiration or motivation to work towards what you are passionate about. It comes to you as naturally as breathing and flows through your blood. The singular focus at the end goal of what you want to achieve is enough to keep you on your toes and enable you to deliver the best that you can offer. Nothing or no one can kill your buzz when working on it. No hurdle seems too large and nor does the road to fruition seem too long. Every step taken is one step closer to the ultimate goal and that is what you focus on. No critical voice is too loud to be heard and no amount of praise could justify the blood sweat and tears that you put towards your cause.

When you follow your passion, success will eventually follow you. The reward for your toiling lies not only in your destination, but in the journey as well. So go ahead, follow your passion and see the world change.

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