Patience – The Key for all Life Problems

Good things come to those who wait” is the most common saying we might have heard. But there is a strong truth in it and so much to learn from it. All good things in our lives is always harder to get and there is never an easy way out.

Everyone has problems, small or big and most of us think that there cannot be a solution, hence the reason its called a problem isn’t it?. But believe me, there is no problem without a solution, it all depends on how we deal with our problems.

Being impatient in anything, will make our actions wrong. People usually get angry when they are impatient or make hasty decisions which can be a reason for more problems rather than solving a single one.

Anger being a prime feeling of impatience, has been one of the reasons for destruction of many things in our lives like relationships, peace of mind, happiness, success etc. Words spoken and our actions in anger has never got a better outcome and it will only lead to more problems.

Its very important to have patience in anything we do, but one must not let the patience drag on a long time, as it will only lead to negligence and laziness. So when being patient, you must also have to work towards finding solution for your problems.

Patience is a virtue which needs to be cultivated and practiced over time. There are many ways which can help you to develop patience.

Do you think you are loosing your mind with impatience? If so, below are some ways which might be helpful to develop patience and to try solve your issues.

Find the cause


When we are impatient, there is always a reason or some kind of influence which makes us feel so. For example, waiting in a long line to buy tickets can make you impatient to wait because sometimes either we need to be some place else or we might be having tight schedules. So when we are in a hurry to wait and find it difficult to keep our cool, find out the main cause of it first. Knowing what is the problem, is more important before you try to solve it. So knowing what is triggering your impatience is more important.

Make points


When we realize that we are being impatient on a lot of things, we need to work on it, when we are calm and can think rationally. Once we know the cause of our impatience, sit and make points what all the things which can make you feel so. Each person will have different reason. What is it which is making you angrier, tensed, frustrated? Write it down. Most times we find the reasons are simpler one which we are not ready to accept. For example, for some it might be simply they are tired, and for some its just that what ever they are doing is not their cup of tea. So first make points of all those things which is trying to bring the bad side of you. Now, of course you do not want anyone see the wrong you or be hurt by you or even spoil your own peace isn’t it! So take few minutes and make those points and work on them.

Make changes


So are we ready with the list? Yes, big or small the list is, the next step would be to work on them. Once we have made the list of all those things which are making us loose our patience, we will know the real cause of our impatient feelings. Lets start working on them one by one. “There is always a way for those who want to try”, so think for different ways as how you can solve the issue. Make changes if need be. For example, doing something in a routine way without a change can make a person tiresome which in return can make him impatient as well. So make changes in the routine work where you add or minus few things making it more lively and fun to do and which can make you be more lively and let you to stay cool as well.

Step back and let go


Most of us do not like to let go and we all want to win. Be it anything, a sport, a game, a contest, relationships, or even an argument. Most times we fail to understand there is a lot to gain even in loosing. Everything in life is not a race or a contest to win and we do not have to feel impatient to win. When we feel an urge to win in all simple things, there is always a reason behind it. For example you want to win in an argument, is usually because you want to show that you are right or its a tendency that the other party have to agree with you.

Developing an attitude of stepping back and letting go can be a strong method to cultivate patience and live peacefully.



Finally the best method of developing patience and solve your problems with clear thinking is by doing regular exercise. When we are impatient, our body ties up in knots and we start feeling more and more restless. Exercise is one way to warm up ourselves and keep healthy. Good health is always a better approach for every good things in life. Hence follow a regular routine of exercise and keep your mind and body both healthy.

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