Right to Exist, Right to Resist

We all have often noticed that we have to perform certain things in which we are not comfortable because of the pressure from our family or  friends. For example , suppose there is a group of a college friends, if all the members of the group smokes except one then there is pressure on him to do such things what other members of the group are doing whether we like or not.  In our daily life, we have seen that many students get indulge into drug and alcohol addicts due to the peer pressure from their group members. It is more common in teenagers but it can happen in adult also.

You all are the members of the some or the other type of social group and we all have experience peer pressure from our group members at some point in our life when we are force to do something which we don’t want to do. So the term “peer pressure” basically refers to the influence or effect that we have because of the other members in our group. Peer pressure is an effect that a peer group, observers or individual exerts that encourages others to change their attitudes, values, or behaviors to conform the group norms. We should not always see peer pressure as a negative influence because at some point in our life it plays a role of encouragement also. Do you know what pressure really mean?. The term “pressure” implies that the process influences people to do things that may be resistant to, or might not otherwise choose to do. Peer pressure can have negative and positive impact in our daily life but it depends on us who chooses what to do in his or her life and what to become in our future.It is our duty to design our future in whatever way we want. If somebody forces you to do wrong or undesirable things which adverse have a negative impact in our life’s, we have a choice to say no to them. Many of us get indulge in some socially undesirable behaviors, such as experimentation with alcohol and drug use, rather than socially desirable behaviors, such as academic success, which take are future on the dark side and because of that we experience many failure in our life and also cursed by others. So its better to get indulge into a activity due to peer pressure which help us to grow more and more in academic profile as well as in our life.

In today’s scenario , you all have notice that peer pressure is frequently seen in younger people, especially teenagers. We all have gone through an adolescent stage in which we are mostly get affected to peer pressure. It is the stage of our life in which we are taking transition from  our childhood to adulthood. In this stage we all struggles with social interactions in an attempt to find our own identity. Most of us at this point strive to achieve a sense of identity in regards to who they are and the direction that they take in life. Our parents mostly worried about peer pressure, specifically in relation to potentially addictive activities, such as alcohol and drug use and sexual behavior, and to lesser extent, food and eating patterns, video game playing, gambling, shopping and spending, and illegal activities. They are least concerned about peer pressure to engage in sports and exercise, as these are typically seen as healthy social behaviors.


1. Positive Peer Pressure


It is described as the circumstances in which peers persuade and promote beneficial actions for one another.  For example, having a friend to persuade another teenager to stay home and study for an exam.

2. Negative peer pressure:


It is a bad kind of peer pressure. Any peer who forces you to do bad or fit up to unwanted expectations is negative peer pressure. It happens when your peers or friends try to pressure you into something you don’t want to do or is not good, like smoking or doing drugs. Negative peer pressure can be direct and indirect peer pressure. Example of direct peer pressure is like when your friends offer you a cigarette and won’t let you just say no. Example of indirect peer pressure is like; you took up smoking because everybody else was doing it.

3. Neutral peer pressure:


It is described as the tendency to follow a crowd which does not perform harm to oneself or others and it occurs naturally. For instance, when friends encourage a teenager to go to a movie that each have been excited to see. Although positive and neutral peer pressure has major impact on an adolescent.


Negative peer pressure has adverse impact in our life.It can spoil the life of any individual. At the stage of adolescents we all are still in the process of development thereby, we are not so well developed to realize the harmful effects of peer pressure in a clear manner.

  • Alienation from the family.
  • Encourages the teen to ignore studies.
  • Negative behavior.



  • Improvement can be seen in academic performance:


If the peer group happens to be in school, you will see a lot of changes happening in your teenagers. He or she will behave and become like other members of a peer group. The  effect can be observed in his or her grades, he or she will not only learn to focus on studies but will also show an inclination in getting involved and participating in several extra circular activities in school.

  • Improvement will be seen in communication skills:


You will observe that the communication skills of teen improving particularly. His or her approach will always be positive.

  • Learn to value the relationship and to become a responsible person


  • Learn to focus and make informed choices


  • It helps to grow up with strong leadership skills as well



Peer Pressure

  1. Identify peer pressure and pressure giver.
  2. Identify the situation and feeling that you have when someone pressures you to do something in which you are not comfortable and then acknowledge and honor the fact that the situation presented to you is challenging a personal boundary.
  3. Identify the behavior.
  4. Make strategies for saying ‘no’.
  5. Decide what it is that you are frightened of.
  6. Once you have decided what it is you are frightened of, work upon it and tell yourself that there is nothing to worry about.
  7. Think about all the bad things about the person who gives you the pressure.Think about the things you love most about yourself.
  8. Try to ignore the pressure giver.
  9. Try to focus on something else.
  10. Talk to parent or teacher if you can.
  11. Don’t give response to the peer pressure giver.

It is rightly said that right is right always even if no one does it and wrong is wrong always even if everybody does it. So try to say no to person who forces you to do wrong things which can spoil your life. Madisen Beaty says- Peer pressure is something everyone will face in school. You have to really go by what you think is the right thing to do. Turn to the friends you trust the most when you are put in the compromising situation. If your friends are making the wrong decision, then turn to your parents.

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