People Come and People Go, But Life Goes on Forever

people come and go

How many times has it happened that a person who is really close to you leaves you in between the life’s journey all alone by yourself? The people you thought you couldn’t live without are no longer there with you in your life, do not stay in the same country, or leave you because of misunderstandings or life’s challenges?

The grief ,the sorrow and the empty feeling which follow these incidences are difficult to bear. The feeling is depressing and sad,and sickening too at some point.
Some people get into depression after being separated from their loved ones, or some cannot accept the fact that the person is not in their life anymore. People keep false hopes in their hearts to keep themselves alive, to save themselves from the sorrow of accepting the void that comes into existence once the person has left us.
We sometimes have no control in these situations. We cannot fight with what is destined for us in life. We cannot fight with God to give us the people back,whom we can’t live without. Sometimes all we have to do is accept the truth,and adjust to the fact that the person/people we thought are our life are no longer there. We have to make ourselves believe the fact that we have to chart our own course in life.
Be it a friend with whom you shared your day today life, you used to go to school or college with,used to work with,a friend who used to live next to your house,or simply the one whom you used to know since you were a child but weren’t in touch with. When you realize their absence in life,when you get to know that they are no longer there to be a part of your life. It feels depressing.
Your lover with whom you spent your life’s greatest moments, the one you thought is the one with whom you want to spend your life with. With whom you wanted to share your sorrows and happiness,is no longer there in your life.
Be it death or be it misunderstandings,you did what all you could,still you couldn’t keep that person from leaving you and the story of your life.
The  family member you were associated with since you were born, when they leave you due to death/separation or any other reason which is not in your control,the sorrow that comes with it is not easy to experience. It’s a suffering which only goes away after sometime.
When somebody is close to us,we become habitual of that person in our life. We start imagining them as inseparable parts of it, who make up the world we live in. We cannot imagine how the world will be if they wouldn’t have been a part of it. But as nothing is permanent and life changes every moment, we have to face situations like these .
If you break down,cry or scream in sorrow because of the agony of losing someone you thought means life to you,is completely human. Its helping you release the sadness and shock filled in your heart due to this situation about which you weren’t prepared for before hand. You cannot predict what is going to happen in your life in the very next moment. Life takes you unaware and that’s why it is called an adventure. It teaches you a lot and makes you stronger every time you face something like this. It teaches you to value people currently existing in your life. It teaches you that you can chart your own course in life without being dependent on somebody. It makes you not succumb to habits. It teaches you about being selfless.
The person who is not associated with you,or is not there in your life any more might be at a place which is better than where he/she was before.
The person might be able to achieve what he couldn’t achieve when he was associated with you. It might help him/her to realise and grow as an individual which he/she couldn’t do when associated with you!
If it’s a breakup or a separation,and you do what all you can to stop the person from leaving you but still they do,let them go.
They weren’t happy with you in the first place that’s why they took the decision and stood adamant to it.
Would you like to keep anybody associated with you even if you know that they aren’t happy to be with you,they feel suffocated or aren’t able to achieve what they had planned in their life. Their life isn’t how they planned it to be just because they are with you.
Would you like it that the person associated with you makes adjustments to be with you even when she/he doesn’t want to be with you ,but still doing the same for your happiness? Even you wouldn’t be happy with the same.
what about the people who have left you to live with the dear lord above us? If they left you without a notice or a sign,or they left after a prolonged period off illness or struggle,they left because their time in your life was over and they had to be some where else, to be a part of someone else’s life next.
Accept and let them go.  Your life shouldn’t stop because someone who was close to you left you. The void caused by that person leaving you cannot be filled at that very time. the person you lost cannot be replaced at all in your life. But given sometime new people come into your life and help you come out of sorrow and that loneliness that you experienced due to the loss.
As the poem by Alfred lord Tennyson says:
“And out again I curve and flow
To join the brimming river,
For men may come and men may go,
But I go on for ever. “
Make this the motivational line of your life to deal with the void caused due to someone leaving you,and strive to come out of this sorrow because people may come people may go,but  life goes on forever.

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