People Would Keep Talking

People will always talk, so let us give them something to talk about. Lady gaga quoted it right because she was one among the many artists who was applauded as well as received a lot of flak. When you ascend the steps to success, your colleagues envy you. They envy your personality, your character and your luck. Nobody is safe from the tongues of the people. You are bound to get caught in their harsh and hateful words at some point of your life. They will always have something to talk about, therefore the best way to ward them off is do not give them an ear. Are you in the habit of slandering someone in their absence? Are your surrounded with such people? Then you are in the vicinity of a new species of Homo sapiens they are the backbiters.


The human psychology says that everyone needs approval, a slight nod and the permission to go ahead. But one should know where to draw the line. If you are going beyond your limits, you will be constantly worried of what people say about you. If you really want to grow up, then you will need immense courage to be what you are and project the same to the world. One should never be scared to say to the world that is who I really am. Accept me, reject me but you cannot deny me. The go-ahead nod or the stamp of approval seal is just an excuse to get you out of the dilemma. If you are confident about yourself, then go ahead and finish it. You are never going to please others completely, so why should one bother to do so? Who are these people that we have been talking so far? At some instance they may be your relatives or the so-called friends and at other instances it may be you! If you expect others to keep their unwanted opinions with themselves, then you should try keeping your mouth shut before you word out any wrong. Everyone is a part of this corrupt world.


Sometimes the people are just bored and need something or someone to talk about. Blame it on the social boredom. The easiest way is to talk about what others are up to. You completed your bachelors; still studying for some stupid competitive exam was never a cup of tea for your neighbours. They even saw you with your girlfriend hand in hand and will take no more than a minute to make it an infamous affair in the locality. People talk about almost anything and everything. That should not make you crouch in your room and never let yourself out in the sun. Every time you irk a person, he will back bite you in frustration or his anger. Through this he will feel that he is getting even with you.


Mockery and sarcasm are other reasons why does a person indulge in reprimanding others. A perfectly going conversation can turn into a nasty one in an instant. Who is not interested in the mischievous talks of others affairs? I guess everyone is at some or the other point of our lives. But one should remember the quote; whoever gossips to you will gossip about you. People’s choices often change. At one point you are involved in the laughter, it is possible that the next day you will be the subject. Better maintain a safe distance from them. Make it clear that you are not at all interested in getting involved in any type of gossip, be it work place or friends circle.


Read any star’s interview, they never read the tabloids hence they are completely indifferent to the rumours surrounding their lives. I was checking out my Facebook page when I came across the reply of john galecki of the big band theory fame. He was asked about the truth of his sexuality and whether he was a gay. His reply, ‘I have hardly addressed these rumours, because I always figured why defend yourself against something that is not offensive.’ He has always impressed me with his cute boyfriend-like qualities and now he has managed to win my heart by his reply. The hardest possible way which we seldom try to do is to be positive in all the situations. People will always find reasons to tear us down but we need to stick around them. Just because things are the way they are, doesn’t mean you have to go with the flow. If you find it to offensive, stand up to it because it is your life they are joking about. Challenge yourself by taking the highway and not the one they tell you to. Spending time mulling over the negativities will distort your focus and you will be left questioning about your being. You will start to think if you are truly that bad. The people’s talks will tend to induce in the most negative twists. In order to surge ahead, you should be least caring about what others have to say and be mature enough to shut their mouths. This can be pretty challenging at times, but it totally pays off at the end.

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