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Whenever we choose friends, we mostly look for one common thing in all of them. We always check whether we can trust them or not. If a person you thought to be your friend knowingly reveals your secrets to other people with whom you didn’t want to share them, is the only thing ever needed to break off a friendship. Sometimes, things will get better, but it will never be the same again. Hence, we keep trying our best to find someone who can keep secrets, someone who will keep their word when they promise you that they won’t tell something to the others.

But in spite of it, there will always be those things that you have to keep buried deep within your heart.  No matter how much you trust that person there will always be those things that you cannot bring yourself to disclose to them. What if it is something you’re not proud of? What if that person thinks badly of you after you tell it to them? You treasure that person too much to lose them over something like this.

In this case, what if you find another friend who can hold your secrets safely? It won’t judge you, it won’t go babbling around about your secrets and you can tell them as many secrets as you want, it will never complain or go anywhere. Where would you find a friend like this? You would find a few who will assure you that you can tell them anything you want, and they won’t judge you at all. But how can you be sure of it? How do you know they won’t spill everything the moment you look around? Sure, in case of some people, they have friends that they can trust with their life, but not everyone is that lucky. Or sometimes, you just feel the need to pour out your heart and soul in something inanimate.


From personal experience I can say with full confidence that you would find a personal diary can help you. Everyone has the notion that you have to write every day. Unless you write down every detail of your daily life, there’s no point in maintaining a personal diary. But that’s not true. You can write anything you want. When you can make sure that no-one will read your diary, you don’t have to care about what you write there!

You’re feeling really happy about a surprise or a just small thing that happened one day, write about it! Exaggerate what you want, leave out what you want, write whatever you want. No-one is going to correct you, no-one is going to judge, no-one is going to read. Usually, the things that we try to hide from other people seeing are criticisms about them or some hate message that we wrote about them. We are mostly scared of the circumstances that will follow if someone ever finds out about what we really think about them. But when you’re writing about it in your diary, you don’t have to worry about that! You can write down whatever you want about them, each and every incident which made you hate someone and to what extent. You can attach notes, pictures, postcards, letters, pictures, bills, and anything you don’t want to lose.


Similarly, you can write about the people you love. Or more specifically, about that special someone. We have all gone through the common experience of having a crush on someone and not being able to be vocal about it in front of them. It always hurts us when this sort of a situation arises. We are dying to tell someone about our feelings but we can never bring ourselves to it. At times, we are scared that the person might make fun of our feelings, or we might be too shy to let our crush know about our feelings. In these cases, if we can write down our feelings somewhere, it will help us feel more secure, because then we will have a place where we can pour out everything in our hearts without the fear of being heard by anyone, or made fun of or ridiculed.

The only thing that we must keep in our minds while writing in our diary, is the date. If we write down the date of the day when we are writing about a particular incident, then it helps us to keep a track of our lives better.

For instance, I have been writing in my diary since I was in 8th standard. It’s been more than four years now, but I am still writing, even if not so frequently as I used to. But nowadays, when I open my old diaries, it never fails to surprise me. Or more like, I never fail to surprise myself. When I read my own writings, I can clearly understand how different I am now, how much I have grown. The little things that I used to give immense meaning to, all the people whom I used to give unnecessary reputation, things I used to care about too much, I can see them all now. I can differentiate between all the things I couldn’t back then. And whenever I realize this, I feel good about my own self. I feel good knowing that I have learnt so much, and I have grown so much, and that I have learnt to know the difference between things that I need and The things that I want.


I am sure that among those who regularly do maintain a journal or a personal diary will know exactly what I am talking about now. However, this doesn’t happen over a short period of time, it takes quite a few months, and maybe years. And when you start being comfortable with writing down your most innate feelings on paper, you will realize what a beautiful and trustworthy friend your diary can be.

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