Pet Peeves: You are not the only one

You all are thinking of what pet peeve really means? Pet peeve is all those little things that really annoy us or irritate us. It is annoyance that we face in our day to day life because of minor events or situations happening around us. When something is not going according to our plan it makes us feel irritated not at a major level but at a minor level.It can be the things that is happening around us or the things that people do which make us irritate. It is something that particularly irritates someone. Some behavior and actions of people such as they do not wash vegetables before using them is also considered a pet peeve. People have variety of pet peeves some of them are personal and some of them are not. Pet peeves are also referenced as pet hates. These are the things people hate when it is happening around them.

Pet peeve is an irritating experience which we face because of others actions in our day to day life. Most of the time we see it happening around us or we hear it and we feel very offended. Some of the pet peeves are like when we fill a form, we see that there is not enough space given to answer the required questions. Another pet peeve is like when we study someone disturbs us or talks loudly on their cell phones. During examination when faculty keep staring at you as if you are indulging in cheating even if you are indulge in it. People who ask questions during movies. I know it is right to ask questions if you are not able to understand something but keep asking questions disturbs the other persons who are around to you. They are not able to concentrate on movie and thus they are not able to enjoy it. People who eat food by making lots of chewing sounds are another pet peeve.


My biggest pet peeves are that most of us have these days are cell phone users .Many people are talk loudly or are rude on their cell phones in public places, or they use their cell phones while driving. And some people  try to eat a meal on a plate with a fork while they are driving. Why do the so?! The world is going mad and unbalanced day by day and it is forcing the rest of us mad at the same time. My another pet peeve is driving! There are so many bad drivers around us who drive so carelessly and harshly which leads to some disaster accident results. We all have often seen them  or may be even face them one at some point in our life…..!!Scroungers are another pet peeve for some of us. Scroungers are the person who borrows from or live off others. We all love to hate the benefit scroungers who choose to rely on or leech the state rather than working hard for living.


I have a list of my pet peeves that has grown as long as your arm. It has grown over the years as I have found lot of the things that irritate, annoy and frustrate me. I thought to share my pet peeves with all of you so that you could see if you also get irritated by the same thing that I do. My first pet peeve is when people drive carelessly and also the people who drive without their lights on when it is raining heavily or foggy. Yes, I know that letting the headlights on will not help you to see any better in such a weather condition, but it would help you to feel safer knowing that other drivers can at least see you? It is illegal in the some other countries other than India to drive in bad weather without your lights on but certainly many people in that country also, especially in South Florida don’t seem to care. They must be some of the worst and bad drivers I have seen anywhere.


I also get irritated because of  intense and rambunctious music in restaurants and malls.  I hate powerful music because in that situation, it’s difficult to have a conversation, listen to others and focus on what they speak . It’s difficult for me to focus on one specific sound if there is a lot of noise around me and it is also difficult for me  to understand what a person is saying to me. So, I often end up bowing and consenting with them, yet I have no clue what they are talking about. Certainly they capture me when I realize they were asking me a question.


I also don’t like people who talk during movies or some concerts.During movies when someone talks I feel irritation because I want to focus on the movie and want to enjoy it which I am not able to do. Especially at concert where we should be paying attention to the artist who is performing when someone talks at that time I feel irritated.


People who talk loudly on cell phones are the most irritable personality for me in this world. People who talk loudly on their cell phone at public place and also the people who uses cell phones during driving. You all have done these things at some point of your life. While driving a person who is using a cell phone is driving so slow that it leads to traffic sometime and if the person is already in traffic and is driving slowly may lead to more traffic and rush.


People who leave irrelevant links on my timeline or photos or status makes me feel irritated. It really frustrate and irritate me when I see postings from people who do nothing more than leave a list of links on my status or timeline only to promote their own Web Pages.The next irritable thing are the Drivers who do not indicate properly.Last night, when I was going to pull out of a side road, there was a truck coming towards me and indicating that he was going to turn into my road. Good job I did not pull out because he just kept driving straight and would have gone straight into me. Conversely I get irritated with those drivers who feel it necessary to indicate when and only when they have begun to turn. I am sorry but what is the point of doing it then?


Crowd pushiness is a next pet peeve that irritates me. This happens mostly with all of us when we are getting on the train, many people pushes us from back at that time I feel irritated because at that time I can do nothing only I have to bear that situation calmly and smile.


So this is all about my pet peeves. I am sure you might also have some of them. So tell me what’s your pet peeves are?. The pet peeves which I have I have already told you now its your turn to tell your pet peeves. There are many pet peeves . It varies on the type of person he or she is. It depends on his view of examining things. The things which makes me feel irritated , doesn’t mean they you will also feel the same way as I am. So acknowledge your pet peeves and try to handle yourself as well as your mind in such situations.



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