What lies ahead of us, what lies behind us is nothing compared to what lies within us.

The bible has a great deal of teachings of each of these ones.

Faith. Hope. Love.  The different mien of life brought into one plant sapling, compels us to think, which one is really important to us? Which can we actually not do without? Though we know that all three play a vital role in every beings life. But which is that one which if taken away would be a life of gloominess?


We have all used these words, but do we understand how unique the biblical meanings of these terms differ from the way the world views them? But let’s not get into biblical says. Let’s face the worldly practical’s views. After all that’s what makes life easier to go upon. Let’s not go deep into the forthcoming devotionals, let’s examine how each of these terms is unique.

Let’s have a brief understanding of all to decide on.

FAITH: In what? In whom? Does it just about believe in something? Does it guarantee solutions? Can it do without anything else? No! Not really. There is more to life. To believe in God or humanity, in the goodness of other people, in oneself, in the laws of Karma or natural justice. (e.g. If I work really hard and honestly, I will surely succeed, etc.) Regardless of knowing that someone is watching us from unknown upper reach; people go above doing the worst of things. Why? Does it mean faith isn’t there on the whole mighty? Of course it is. But only living on faith, believing that I sit all jobless because He is there, I will get money somehow. Survival is not possible and we tend to do the wrong things as it’s an easy way out. At least for me who am bound by the social world faith is not the most important. …Does faith in god help us make decisions wisely, be able to believe in justice, in the concept that even when bad things happen, we are still able to go through life “knowing” that someone is watching over us to see that everything happens for the best? When we have faith, invariably our thinking and actions change because GOD is watching us. Let Faith live.

HOPE: Life is difficult for zillions of people. But hope is what keeps them alive. But how far can hope really take you? Hoping live long wouldn’t really assure you happiness, though hope provides succour but it doesn’t help you survive through the most difficult times. Hope lifts a person up; it makes a person feel that he or she can accomplish what is needed and can do what needs to be done in the face of what may be near- insurmountable obstacles. People endure immense suffering and hardship; unfortunately a person may give up when a word of encouragement, something to give hope, might embolden him or her to not give up. In the extreme case, it could be the difference between giving up and pushing through, surviving, and even succeeding. Billions of people, each wanting what they feel is their right or simply wanting something for themselves. Hope becomes that saviour because it helps us not give up. And someone rightly said, because “Hope springs ever eternal in the human breast”, we wait for things to turn right tomorrow or the day after and so on. Remember faith gives us a feeling of certainty; hope doesn’t possess that quality.

LOVE: If there was no love, then no other emotion would be held of any importance. Love keeps them alive. Love refines us but there are times when people go mad in love and end up doing some unethical things. But love even strengthens us. It is a very beautiful feeling. Another aspect to consider is that love is not only romantic, there are different forms. Love refers to a variety of different feelings, states, and attitudes that ranges from interpersonal affection (“I love my mother”) to pleasure (“I loved that meal”)It can also be a virtue representing human kindness, compassion, and affection. It may also describe compassionate and affectionate actions towards other humans, one’s self or animals. But what love can stand alone? No factors dwell along. But most importantly Love enriches us as it enriches the lives of others who receive our love. It may make us mad and do wrong things as I mentioned but it also makes us gentle, noble and humane. True love makes this world a lovelier. It makes live worth living and enables us to cope with all the problems of live. That is our bulwark against sadness and depression brought about by misfortune. 


Now, considering these factors. For me Love is the most important factor to be considered. Well but it holds no value if  hope and faith don’t go hand in hand. For once you can do without anything in life, but without love you’ll have a life without sunlight. It is as essential as water. True, it can help you survive any pain. But if you don’t have faith and hope in medium of love then survival is through a raucous path. All three Love, Faith and Hope are equally important and can’t dwell without each other.

Wistfully quoted by Henry Drummond which gives a deep insight about love by asking us the questions and giving us answers, “Why is Love greater than faith? Because the end is greater than the means. And why is it greater than charity? Because the whole is greater than the part.” Then how do you reach this place? Hope. It carries us to our destiny in God safely but love satisfies us where we are in life.

Love is greatest of all heavenly virtues. So praise the Lord!


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