The Pillars That Hold The Society

In this day and age, one which comprises of our problems, pressures and work, a time where communication becomes more mechanical along with the production methods to save more time. We all strive to work and earn our way to a place where respect is awarded to us, for success and fame. There is only one in thing on our minds and that is to work towards whatever goal that we have chosen. In that struggle there is nothing or no one that you prioritize before it. Life is in rush hour and to stop is to lose your chance of achieving your goal.
There is a poem that is penned by William Henry Davies, and in its first verse he wrote, “What is this life, if full of care, we have no time to stand and stare”, which is quite relevant in the current situation of things. After describing the state of the people he also explains what we miss out in this rush in his third verse which goes “No time to see, when woods we pass, where squirrels hide their nuts in grass“. That explains how we struggle and toil to reach to the stars but fail to appreciate its beauty.


Amidst the commotion around us we often fail to see the people who maintain the stability and prevent a chaotic atmosphere all across our neighborhood and city. Similar to the poem of William H Davies, we have become too narcissistic in our own worlds, and thus fail to appreciate the people who keep the physical world intact for us to reach our desired destinies. The significance of the menial work that is done by the people who are categorized below the working class is not acknowledged or realized. Maintaining the hygiene in the city, fixing the glitches in water and other such facilities, keeping the parks in our neighborhood beautified etc.

The urban and capital regions of a country sport a hasty atmosphere. Being a popular station of the region they attract all the multinational corporations and international businesses target the metropolitans of a city to set up their branches or headquarters. Every country of every continent has one metropolitan city which is famous worldwide, and are considered as international hubs. Mumbai in India, Sydney in Australia, Tel Aviv in Israel, Rome in Italy, Paris in France, London in U.K and the most popular of them all is New York City in U.S.A. All of these metropolis cities are in a hurry and therefore require an up-to-date and round-the-clock effort of the ‘supporting cast’ of the respective cities.

From their perspective  you will realize their hardships and struggles for once, a story of Govind, a sweeper of the streets in my neighborhood and also of the compound of the building in which I reside. He is from a neighboring village from Mumbai in Maharashtra, it is underdeveloped with not many opportunities to earn a living or support their families with. While waiting for a friend I engaged in a conversation with him. Govind started with a simple greeting that we mutually offered on every encounter, but I had some time to kill so as he lit his beedi (cigarette smoked by the rural community) I asked of his health and work, he explained in a summary of the troubles that he faces daily, and why he still kept working to support his family. The people that work these menial jobs are not only responsible for our time and work but also their own and the desperation in which they have to keep their underpaid and under-appreciated jobs.

For us it is all about the rush hour mode, every second counts, we can afford to spend money but cannot spare a second to offer gratitude for the work that are performed by rural sections of society. Also so essential for the smooth functioning of the society. The section of our community that helps in upholding that is the rural or below poverty line population. While in transit or on a walk on the streets in your neighborhood or city, you notice there is constant work that keeps going on, be it construction, or sweepers on the street keeping the streets clean, the telephone associates fixing some glitches on our land-lines and resident phones. It is hard to notice the surroundings if you are busy with a narcissistic mind, appreciation is not expected and nor is it awarded to them.

They are like the white blood cells of a city, their duties resemble the work that is carried out by the white blood cells in our body. They clean, mend and build, and are responsible for a continuous and smooth function of our body. The life of any city will always be its residents, but the part that keeps the life animated and protected is the ‘supporting cast’ of the city. It is a known fact that people look down to the service that is provided by the backwoods section of the society. There are certain countries that accommodate and care for them, but in the majority case of the world has yet to establish and develop that part of thinking.

“The roots of all goodness lie in the soil of appreciation for the goodness.” – Dalai Lama


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