The Plague Of Boredom

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Thank you Ladies and Gentlemen for joining us today on this news hour. We have just received some breaking news! We have recently received information from the Research Facility of Useless Information, that a fast spreading virus has increased the death toll of imagination by 91% in the US alone! These figures have been provided to us by the Department of Unreliable Statistics.

Our sources state that this fast spreading virus, popularly known as ‘Boredom’ has swept the world over. Be cautious, the youth and young adults seem to be most susceptible to it.

We are currently trying to determine what causes this plague and how can it be cured.

Being perpetually bored is a relatively new phenomenon; hence we can conclude that, like good taste in music, it is not hereditary. While the former is unfortunate, the latter is a stroke of luck. At one end it seems to be merely a fad to state that you are bored and cannot use your common sense to come up with ways to keep yourself occupied, whereas on the other end some people are actually finding it hard to entertain themselves! What makes this generation so restless, so hard to please?


In conversation with the head professor of our leading research team, Dr. Lies-a-lot, who has concluded that maybe, because of the fast paced world we live in our attention span has decreased tremendously. We are in constant need of new things to excite our minds.

Never would our parents have even dreamed of being bored. There seemed to have always been thing’s to do, place’s to explore and people to trouble. Does our world today lack any of these? I think not. But maybe we lack people willing to enjoy such activities. Maybe the source of our boredom is that we no longer appreciate these conventional forms of recreation. Reading books seem to have lost their charm, going for walks or cycling has become completely out of the question, and interacting with actual human beings? You can forget about it.

It has come to the honorable doctor’s notice that despite new modes of entertainment, like the television, video games and of course the internet, today’s youth continue to remain unamused and uninterested. Of course that does not prevent them from continuously engaging in these activities, quite determined to zombie-fy themselves.

In addition to lack of interest we are led to believe that another primary cause of boredom seems to be laziness. Despite being plagued by such a perilous disease, most of the affected seem to not want to cure themselves.

Lazy people

The research analyst, Dr. Bad-Advice is of the opinion that boredom can in fact be cured! Based on his extensive research he has proposed various ways to rid yourself of this peril.

He suggests we take to our conventional ways of entertainment. Exchange sitting around alone with fun outdoor or even indoor activities, give up virtual conversations for actual conversations, leave behind your phones and go out for a while, get some sun.

It is also commonly believed that boredom occurs when one is not participating in any activity. The praiseworthy doctors would like to clear any misconceptions regarding this, stating that you can in fact get bored while in the midst of an activity.

During activities that are either far too easy or far too tough, we tend to get bored. A simple example would be of you, as a student getting bored during a lecture. Now it is up to you to decide whether you are either really smart or not smart enough.

This sort of boredom can be easily cured by taking a two minute break. Our brains are designed to adapt to change and hence after the break you will find paying attention much easier.

Boredom stems from lack of stimuli, or lack of challenges in the environment.   So challenge yourself. Learn something new, practice something hard or try something different.  There are also actual scientific methods of both curing and preventing boredom.

Things like doodling, cleaning and running futile errands can actually help you stop being bored and can increase your happiness, or well make you less unhappy. The glass half full half empty concept.


Interestingly enough, people more prone to getting bored tend to view the glass as half empty, rather than half full. Perhaps they find the whole exercise of viewing the glass itself boring!

Boredom can be a symptom of clinical depression and can be a form of learned helplessness which is also associated with depression.

Be warned. Boredom is a very real and very dangerous ailment. 36% of bored people prefer to eat chips and other such unhealthy foods. With easy access to fast foods boredom has actually promoted unhealthy living and obesity. Research shows that a large portion of teens engage in the consumption of alcohol, drugs and gambling, do so out of boredom.

People who are prone to being bored tend to not do as well academically, professionally and health wise when compared to their active counterparts. Shocking as it is boredom can also lead to heart problems in the future!

As a matter of public interest we advise our viewers to engage themselves in various forms of tedious activities. It is preferable if those activities are productive. We thank you all for being engaged in this segment and we hope we did not bore you too much. Furthermore we would like to notify the Board of the Bored people Union that none of the views and opinions expressed here was meant to offend anyone. Now moving to our next order of business, the public wants to know, why did the chicken cross the road?

Chicken Crossing the Road



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