I was waiting at the bus stop eagerly for my bus. Recalling the incidents of this morning, I really woke up late. Today was my big day; my interview with the top most company of the industry. But the day itself started on a bad note. The alarm which I have set up didn’t work and so I had to wake up late and then rush to get ready. I had to skip my breakfast as I had no time. My mind was entirely blocked as I ran to the bus stop.

bus stop

I have been waiting for this bus from the past 15 minutes but not even a single bus or auto is to be seen. I also found it strange that there were no people waiting for the bus as there would be lots of rush normally at the same time. Only then I heard some people on the road discussing about the public transport and auto strike in the city. I had missed my daily news in the television early in the morning and hence did not know about it. I panicked. The time now is 9:00 AM and I have to reach the office by 10:30 AM. I still have a distance of 20KM to cover. I did not know what to do. My brain became blank. After keeping quiet for about 5 min, I picked up my phone and called the company informing about the strike and requesting for time extension to reach the office. To my luck, the company people told that they have been receiving similar calls since morning and so are ready to provide a time extension of 1 and half hour. That means I can reach the office by 12PM.

As I was disconnecting the call, a girl approached me. She was short, fat and was having a darker complexion. I immediately disliked her by her looks. I was very particular about my looks since I was a teen. I was the most handsome guy of my college. I had lots of fans at that time. She addressed me and I came back to reality. She told that her name was Chandini and she heard me speaking over the phone to the people. She told that she was also going for the same interview and suggested that we go together. I had no choice but to accept.

As we were walking on the road searching for some kind of transport, I remembered the fact that I had not eaten anything that morning. We went to a restaurant and I had my breakfast. She refused to take anything and I did not force her. When it came to paying the bill, I saw that I forgot my wallet in a hurry. I felt really embarrassing. Considering that she is a stranger, I could not even ask for money and my ego stopped me from explaining my situation. But she observed my uneasiness and asked me the matter. I had to tell her and she helped me willingly with a smile. I felt good about her nature. This incident reduced my negative impression on her.


As it was a strike, we could not find a single mode of transport to reach the office and there were very vehicles on the road and none of them were willing to give us a lift.  My legs were paining. It was 11:15 AM and we walked about 4KM through this time. My energy was down but I was surprised to see that Chandini had the same energy and she kept on talking about various topics, entertaining and energizing with her words. She was an active person. Though I had my weight in control, I did not have as much stamina and health stability as she had. I then understood that the weight of a person neither decides their health nor their nature.

She was an encyclopedia of information. Whatever be the topic, she has lots to speak. She has knowledge on every topic like Movies, general knowledge, politics, technology, business etc. I was just surprised at how meaningful her words were and I started thinking positively about her.


It was 11: 30AM and we still did not get a vehicle. I started to panic as usual while she was consoling me telling that everything will go well if we maintain a positive attitude. As soon as she said those words, a quails stopped in front of us offering us a lift. They were also people who were attending interview for the same company. They were from the same college so they arranged to take a car together and go to the office. They saw Chandini, their college mate and have stopped to give a lift. I was thankful to god at that moment thinking “how would I go to office if I had not met this girl?”

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We all reached office on time and she wished me best of luck before I entered my interview panel. Thanks to her, I stayed confident and gave my best. Later that evening, the results were announced. Both of us got the jobs. I then felt, the person whom I disliked on the very first sight, made me think positive and inspired me in various perspectives. I clearly understood that looks do not decide the personality of the person and personality is much more beautiful than the face of the person. While we were leaving, I took her mobile number and left by telling “It was a pleasure meeting you” which was absolutely true.


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