Because some possessions are invaluable

Few days ago, me and my brother had a fight over which painting to be put on the wall of the drawing-room. I already had a painting of my choice in my head for the drawing-room since a long time. Pristine, artistic and cultural, it was really an antique piece of art. One of my classmates whose native place is in Bihar, he brought that painting for me on my insistence from a village near his home town. That was a folk art painting but was made intriguingly. On the other side, my brother had his logic and reasons to put his favorite painting on the wall. He found that contemporary and classy. Well, we both had painting of our choice and we both wanted our choice to be put on the wall but finally I won the battle and my brother had to compromise by putting his favorite art piece in his room.

madhubani painting

Though I won but this fight between us made one thing pretty clear to me that there are certain possessions and objects towards which we are always more inclined or we can say we value them more than other possessions. Those possessions might not be expensive but somewhere we feel connected to them. Many times some of them even have a story behind. I always had a fascination towards this painting. I used to think several times that how do they make it? I know I can’t paint it for sure and may be this makes it more fascinating and attractive to me.

Same goes with the laptop that my dad gifted me on my birthday. I really feel insecure when anyone else uses it except me. I am very particular about its safety. I always keep it clean and safe. Though there have been times when I had to give it to my friends and half-heartedly, I have given them but somewhere I have always been a bit more possessive for it, after all it is a gift given by my dad.

I remember, as a child, I used to collect coins, which used to be of different and unique types. I used to have an earthen pot where I used to keep those unique coins. This hobby went on for more than 6 to 7 years. From the beginning, I had interest towards old things. I used to love to collect them and keep them safe. I have a huge pile of books given by my grandfather, which I really adore.

But as life moved on and picked up its speed, I had forgotten about these things but then one fine day when our whole family went to visit our ancestral house at the village, all faded memory got rejuvenated. That was a trip which I cherish the most in my life because it gave me my most precious possessions.

At that day, we all were super excited to go to our old ancestral house except my brother, in my opinion. He kept on telling me to convince dad to let him be at home but nothing worked in his favor. Eventually, he had to come along with us. We really had not been there since a long while. We kept all the necessary things with us and went ahead for journey. With classic retro hit songs and sunny weather, the day was turning out ideal. I had my camera with me, which made me busy throughout the journey. It is my one of my most favorite possessions which I use to showcase my one more talent of photography. I clicked some really rarely found scenic beauty and photographs of old temples on the way.

old temple

Finally, we reached our destination. There was a temple at the entrance of the village. We all went there to bow down. Me and brother, little unwillingly but we did went.

Since it was the trip after a long time so our relatives from the village were quite excited and happy to see the family together after a long time. They welcomed us with opened arms and greeted us with genuine warmth. I was really touched with their hospitality, affection and respect. At that time, we were at the home of my father’s uncle. We took our lunch there and then the time arrived of which I was eagerly waiting for. I came to village only to see that house where I had really spent some invaluable time of my childhood. The house, which was constructed by my grandfather with love and fondness, had surely decayed and became old but as I saw it, a different kind of feeling got generated inside. I got goose bumps. I don’t know how that happened but that old house was not just a house for me, there was a connection of it with me.

We all entered the house together, no one used to live there since more than two years. Some part of the house was really in need of renovation. All were busy wandering here and there in the house and reminiscing about it. I took my path and went upstairs. There was a single room on the roof, where during childhood; I used to sleep with my grandfather. He used to have a box, inside which he used to keep many packets of biscuits and his other objects. That box had always been a kind of fascinating object for me. He used to keep it inside a drawer attached with the wall.

I opened the door of that room and many memories lighted up all of a sudden. Room was full of dust but certain objects were on the place. I looked all over around and started to seek that box. That drawer was empty but many other objects were lumped on the floor and at the top of the almirah. As I was searching, a pot got hit by me and dropped from the top of the almirah and broke into pieces and what I found was something really surprising for me. With many other objects inside that pot, there was a mouth organ, which I used to play in my childhood. I picked it up immediately. So many memories emerged from the subconscious mind. I cleaned it and tried to play it once. It sounded like heaven to me. I couldn’t believe that I had gotten something which was once my most favorite gift. After searching for next fifteen minutes I finally got that box too. There were some old books, sketches and maps of the house. There were some receipts too, which were quite old.

While touching that box, I was trying to feel its aura. May be, I was trying to feel the touch of my grandfather. I kept on looking and touching that box and mouth organ. It just captivated me for some time. It brought me back to my childhood. I took a sigh. My eyes got little teary too.

woodenboxmouth organ

And then I heard someone’s footstep’s sound coming upwards and came out of the room with a smile on my face and little glitter in my eyes holding these two invaluable possessions. It was my brother, who looked at me, smiled and clapped just to annoy me as he had understood that I had got the thing that I wanted.

We were on the return path to our home. Stars were twinkling in the sky and so were my eyes with so many memories of my golden past and a feeling of satisfaction and fulfilment as if I had gotten everything by getting those two objects. It really made me feel the richest in the world because some possessions are really invaluable.

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