A Prayer to the Lord

The Earth continues to pump life into all the entities present on Earth. The Earth continues to transform seeds into wheat and it transmutes wheat into bread. The touch of fresh air on a bed makes it blossom. The first tear of a newborn baby spreads cheers as a new life reaches its destination. Life is the only way we have of making manifest our very own miracle. Marilyn Monroe says:

“Keep your head high,

Keep your chin up,

And most importantly, keep smiling, because

Life is a beautiful thing and there is so much to smile about.”

All this is only possible if we have love, if we are not left in solitude and we make the most of the company of our fellow human beings. Life is incomplete without the innumerable ingredients contained in the crystal, clear waters of one’s soul. There are uncountable bases of life which make it surreal, livable and complete in its entirety. It is believed that the Lord bestows his blessings upon us if he protects the basic principles of life that help us tread the path of success.

prayer to the lord

May Lord, protect our doubts, because the intelligent are full of doubts. It is Doubt that makes us grow because it forces us to find the many answers to an existing question and reflect upon them fearlessly. Doubts transform our condition from retrogressive to progressive and help in the evolution of our intellect. It is mandatory to doubt an existential notion in order to understand it in its true sense. Also, it is necessary to question the conventional notions for the progress of society as a whole.

May Lord, protect our decisions, because decisions help us in differentiating right from wrong. Decisions make things clear after our doubts. They help us choose between one road and another after coming across a fork in the road. We can choose to tread on the road not taken or the path already explored. Our decisions are binding on us and our choices do not allow us to look back. We do not have the luxury to withdraw once we have taken a decision. Yes means YES and No means NO. We should not allow ourselves to indulge in remorse or guilt if a decision backfires. We must stand by our principles and take on the problems in a straightforward fashion without fear. Any deterrents on the path must be overcome with dignity and eminence.

May Lord, protect our actions, because actions are the manifestations of our thoughts and dreams. Our actions bring out the best in us and help in achieving fruitful results. Work is worship and our actions reflect our commitment and dedication towards our work. Our actions reflect our soul and help in receiving love and affection and spreading the same. Helping a blind man cross the road or offering food to the hungry are all actions that mirror our soul. Our actions keep us moving. Our actions satiate us and ignite us. Our actions and work help us to earn our daily bread. Man cannot exist without acting and each person acts according to his or her own will. An action can be right or wrong from a person’s perspective. It is the responsibility of every human being to not get involved in wrongful acts condemning humanity. Actions have the power of transformation and change. All the actions must be taken up thoughtfully.

May Lord, protect our dreams, because dreams are capable of lighting the flames of hope, perseverance and courage in our hearts without considering age or circumstances. Our dreams push us to live our lives the way we want to. Our dreams keep us moving. Dreams give us energy to work and give us immense joy and pleasure when fulfilled. Life is incomplete without dreams that indicate us to take long leaps forward. Your dreams are what you are. Dreaming big in life makes us strive to work hard. When dreams and reality collide, it is perhaps the biggest achievement in the world. Dreams scare you, make you smile, make you cherish some memories, make you more determined and confident. Dreams are wishes of the mind that even your heart longs for. Make a dream come true!

May Lord, protect our enthusiasm, because it is what tells us that our desires are important and that they should be attained in the best possible way. Enthusiasm reaffirms the light of commitment and dedication in our hearts and tells our mind that everything is possible if there is a will to achieve. Enthusiasm is the mother of all efforts and an effort made with lack of zeal and enthusiasm can never be called true. You might be very knowledgeable, intelligent, hard working or courageous but nothing great can be achieved unless and until you are enthusiastic and vivacious. Enthusiasm is the switch of the light that glows. Enthusiasm is the key behind success and hard work. Not only this, enthusiasm makes you enjoy your work. It makes you enjoy the journey that you have decided to undertake.

Live each day with doubts, dreams, decisions, actions, enthusiasm and with a prayer to the lord to protect all of these!

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