Prayers do get Answered. Just keep Praying


Prayers ARE answered and Dreams ARE fulfilled!!Prayers are the most oblivious captivators which simonise with our undaunted will in a direction to a thing we desire. A PRAYER is a soul’s message which is directly in connection with the universal energy. A prayer has many forms some in form of a wish, some being plainly to fulfill a certain desire. A prayer is the most pious form of human will derived from the desire to receive a benediction; prayers are our soul’s voice connecting our being to the universe. It has become a tradition of people just like us to say that I no more believe in god  because he doesn’t like me as my prayers are never answered, but it is on our losing side when we do so , we our self separate us from our creator  for a reason unworthy enough for anyone to lose the eternal touch ,prayers are always answered in some form or the other sometimes the form being small enough for the sight to see, people to get rid  out of a certain situation  just join hands  and the once who have never even thanked god mock out to be his true devotees. People complain of prayers not being answered but pondering over a little we will deduce that if each prayer was to be answered then the world would have not been the place it is today, there would be no one working hard, no discipline, and everyone would become the King of the world.

Only true prayers backed by immense will to achieve something are certainly answered.  You just cannot expect god to help you pass in an exam without studying for it and just because you uttered some prayer out of nervousness in a fear of failure. People pledge to bribe the omnipresent, the creator of all, to persuade him to fulfill a certain prayer, and if by chance his prayer is answered, he considers that he has bought the creator. No one can EVER become as powerful as he is.


A prayer backed by the zeal to get something, with a rigorous upsurge to achieve your dream is surely answered. The Lord surely answers those prayers which are meant to be.  A prayer soothes our soul when we are sad, it cheers up the spirit for whom it is prayed, it builds confidence in our personality, a prayer is not necessarily always for asking or receiving, it should always be for thanking for what we have, and for blessing others, there should always be gratitude in our prayers, this surely uplifts our being and we become cheerful and loving .As we all have seen in our day to day lives, when a doctors leave all hopes and declare the patient to be all most in his death bed then the prayers show their charisma and by healing the patient, our prayers are answered!!


Our prayers are never left unanswered sometimes it takes quite a while to acknowledge their results, they may be in form of anything, might be our prayers are giving someone in need a life. Prayers indeed are very strong, they are answered depending on the frequency of our will and the pious energy connected with it. It is always said that a child’s prayers are answered quickly; it is because there are no negative or evil thoughts behind it, his innocence is admired even by the lord, there is no feeling of hatred or enmity for anyone in their prayers, their little gestures tend to do what we grownups have all this while forgotten.

child praying

A prayer with full devotion is always answered, it is not necessary that your prayer will only be answered if you are praying in front of some idol or in a place of religious significance. A prayer is a souls connector to the universal energy linking our souls as bridges for the beings they are prayed for, we are struck in many situations where we have no say or things go out of hand and nothing seems to be happening,in that chiotic situation all of  a sudden as if just miraculously a person or thing just comes to sort out the situation and the messed up deals are settled ,we take this situation as magic or just a luck by chance but in reality we are blessed by some persons prayers and good wishes, or take it in a way that your prayers for someone in need at some point of time our graced on you back in your difficult time.


We all have comic energies within us we have the power to build our being more powerful but we tend to separate our self in this race of life that we lost our authentic and  much powerful self. We all pray several times a day in some form or the other, but what lacks is the will to get that prayer answered, we keep our prayers flickering with the wibes of negative thoughts, we forget that the essence of our being lies in being true to our self, joining negative wibes with the prayers makes them weak left to remain unanswered. We all wish to be something which is bigger than our present being and we all pray because we seek our mightier self in those prayer. We pray to be in relation with the lord.

Always believe in your prayers, because when you believe you receive.

A prayer is a magical transmission of the eternal message of the lord for us in the form of approval of our prayers.

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