How Precious Is Your Time?


Life is an ongoing process and time waits for none. We all are given this life to achieve something, and it depends on us whether we waste the seconds of our life or make them worth living. Time management creates a false impression. Time can not be managed; it can only be controlled by each individual person and the way time is directed. Scheduling is extremely important when it comes to managing the use of time. It is important to manage time wisely. When time is managed and organised wisely; it can make the difference between a productive day and a very hectic day. Using time management during an ordinary day can help reduce stress and simplifies life. ” Once upon a time, time was in the hands of the poor. Those who sensibly, reasonably, and firmly held it. Extravagance is only today and tomorrow.”- Mona Adnan. Without have a plan on how to manage time, it can create stress in life and also forgetting important dates and deadlines. By not having some type of organisation in life it will create chaos and will seem as if there is not enough time in one day to complete daily tasks. Every day will be a challenge to complete and it will be less productive. By not having an organised method to complete a day; it can result in frustration, stress, and not being able to accomplish much. Not making good use of time can affect people in many different ways. In general the days of the week can be very hectic and tiresome. A lot of frustration is usually the result of poor time management. Every day needed to perform daily tasks will be executed with much more difficulty. “How often do you find yourself saying, “In a minute”, “I’ll get to it” or “Tomorrow’s good enough” and every other possible excuse in the book? Compare it with how often you decide it’s got to be done, so let’s get on and do it! That should tell you just how serious your procrastination problem really is.” – Stephen Richard.

Half our life is spent trying to find something to do with the time we have rushed through life trying to save. You can’t make up for lost time. You can only do better in the future.To have more peace, as well as more time, start by letting go of the notion that time can be manipulated. Then, let go of the idea that it confines you. Instead, set out to use the time that is there for its true and best purpose – as the space within which you can live your life to the fullest. Habitual procrastinators will readily testify to all the lost opportunities, missed deadlines, failed relationships and even monetary losses incurred just because of one nasty habit of putting things off until it is often too late. “The problem with procrastination is it’s been around since the beginning of time it seems.” – Stephen Richard. But regret about the time which is lost isn’t taking us anywhere anyway. Looking for further opportunities can help us a lot and mend for what the lost time has taken from us. “Allowing yourself to be a conduit for opportunity requires a brand new outlook on life. Lady fortune cannot enter a locked door, you know. And contrary to that well known saying, she has rarely been known to knock. “-Chris Murray. Keep on looking for opportunities which will lead you to your goal. Having an aim is important indeed. You always need to know where you’re heading to. Trust me. If you do not decide where you are heading, and refuse to take the appropriate action, you will end up being shaped into what others would have you become. Then any change will not be made for your benefit but for theirs. Everyone has power of brain but people don’t know correctly time of usage. winner just know when, where & how to usage it.
Better spend time working hard to maintain your good habits because you may look for time to recover it but to no avail! The secret to your future is hidden in your daily routine. You have to be self—disciplined to spend your time wisely. If you are not taking the time to set your own goals, chances are pretty high someone else is doing it for you. So don’t be surprised someday when you end up someplace you never hoped to be. “24 hours a day, ain’t enough anymore! But give some a Century a day and procrastination would still be their undoing.”- Nike Thaddeus. Time is the ultimate democracy. Rich and poor, young and old, male and female: all have 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week. Time is even to all. Some may utilise it and others may just let it pass. It will only work in the favour of those who use it wisely. Time is not a means to keep or prove your worth in the world, but a means to experience the richness of all that is. In fact “Time investment is the NEW Time management “- Elizabeth Grace Saunders. You need to know where to invest time and what to invest time with. “Time equals life; therefore, waste your time and waste of your life, or master your time and master your life.” – Alan Lauren.

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