Priorities: The Game Changers

As mighty Shakespeare once said, all the world’s a stage and life is nothing but seven ages. All the age-groups are easily distinguishable from each other. A baby’s cry is stark different from the whining of a middle-aged person. The issues that matter are different in all the ages. As infants, we just want our parents and food. While as adults, we have to deal with all sorts of issues such as relationship chaos, professional mess and what not. However, the things that remain constant and consistently valuable are values and lessons of life. As one ages, these lessons of life eventually get strengthened and keep us rooted throughout the rest of our lives. One of such most important aspects of life is the aspect of keeping your priorities right.

People dont change priorities do

One might argue that priorities are different for different people of different age and even different sex! And yes, that is true absolutely. What I mean however is that we need to set the priorities as per our lives correct. Each individual has certain characteristics that are peculiar to that person. But, it is a universal truth that one who fails to recognise this individuality falls flat on the face in life. Peer pressure and the urge to be a socially acceptable person make us forget our priorities and we tend to go astray from our paths.

The major problem with today’s twenty first century population is that it just believes in living in the current moment and do not give a damn to the future. However, even this perspective is marred with a myopic and parochial vision. In order to enjoy at the moment, we tend to keep aside the things that actually matter. Enjoyment is vital for a healthy life but should not precede over the things that make us who we are in future. Just to get a short term benefit, we put at stake, our whole future.

The human mind is prone to temptation. But, the entire challenge of life lies in taming this temptaion. These excesses should not take over our better selves. There is a dire need to accept the fact that rationality and only rationality pays in the long run. We all know that people who are irrational are clinically as well as colloquially, termed as mad. And who wants to be called mad?

The best way to set your priorities right si to actegorise them on the basis of their importance in long term. How much does a thing make a difference, both positive as well as negative, needs to be taken into consideration. All this might seem to be a hard task that involves too much thinking and questioning. However, the truth is that these things are so simple and so obvious that we just miss them.

In our busy lives where we live a paradoxical existence as we are freakingly active on social networking sites but at the same time, are living in our own cocoon-ish world. We are always busy with nothing. The teenagers and even adults are at times noted to have said that they cannot go out for even a walk bacuse they have to handle their virtual selves. Prioritising frivolous things makes one’s life also frivolous.

We do not realise what the consequensces can be of being too childish to set our priorities right. In order to get ephemeral aspects correct, we always ignore the things that are capable of permanence. This permanence is directly related to our entire life forward. Just to enjoy a party in which we do not even know who all are going to be present, students skip their classes and feel totally elated as for them, their life is absolutely happening. However, a student cannot afford this callous behaviour at any cost. Parties and other fun activities are important too as they add a fun element to the otherwise hectic schedule. However, first therehas to be a hectic schedule! Fun has to be added to a focused life and not vice-versa.

The dominating factor has to be a thing that holds real value. Every one of us wants to achieve success in life. Some want to be a famous actor, some painter, some businessperson, some politician and so on and so forth. We feel that just by being passionate about the thing we have set as the goal in our lives, we will be able to achieve it. But, it is sheer common sensical that passion is a driving force but focus and concentration are the drivers. No matter how intensely attached a person is with his/her goal, one has to channelise it into actions. Actions speak louder than words. And definitely, all the more louder than mere feelings.

Our actions make us who we are. As we die, nobody cares about what we said about our goals but the entire emphasis is on what we did to accomplish the bars that we had set for ourselves. In order to break through those bars and in order to reach out for the stars, we need to make sure that we recognise and accept the importance of all the things in our lives. One has to be able to put things into order as per the priorities in a manner that it will benefit one throughout the life and not just for a moment or two.

Stephen R. Covey’s words explain this lesson of life in the most succinct and best way possible:

“Most of us spend too much time on what is urgent and not enough time on what is important.”

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