Project Happiness: Accomplished


This fast moving pace of life has left us in the midst of numerous responsibilities, tensions, deadlines, and diseases. We have multiple job roles to play,things to take care of and have to worry about keeping our physical self in shape too.
A woman or a man who,in this 21st century work for a living and also take care of their family can relate to the multiple responsibilities they undertake. Taking care of their family,doing their job in the best way possible,paying bills,

taking care of their nutrition,taking care of their physical being and looking after the children.
Be it teenagers, college going students or just school going children,they are now surrounded by multiple things to learn and achieve to stay in this competitive world. Be it competition in the academic world,work or status in the society,everybody wants to be the best.
People want to send their children to the best of schools,best of colleges, want them to have the top most marks. Want to wear the best of clothes,visit the best of places and eat in the best of restaurants. Be it the car they own to the pen they hold,people strive to get the best of things and work hard to earn the money to stay in the competition.
What we forget is,that in this race to get the best quantity and quality of the material things they want to possess, are they forgetting the main motive to earn and achieve what they want?
It’s all about staying in competition but what about happiness which should be the main cause behind this running and exhaustion?In the past few years,the rate of depression in human beings in this tech savvy,insanely connected but materialistic world has increased by many folds.
People set their priorities and daily routine around the tasks and activities which provide monetary benefit to them and energy to sustain,but not what makes them happy!
Happiness is a mental or emotional state of well being characterized by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment  to intense joy. it means different things to different people. For some,spending quality time with their family means happiness. For some, reading a book,dancing,painting,taking a stroll in the park,working out or feeding pets gives them happiness.
People following the herd of pursuing well paying career, sometimes find happiness in doing what they always wanted to do,like photography,writing or poetry,dancing or any other thing before the pressure of earning well to sustain in the society hit them.
If you find the time to sit with a slightly elderly person, ask him about how his life was at your age and compare it with yours in terms of happiness.
You will find that earlier, people were more content and satisfied in doing the things they used to love and finding happiness through the same.They used to find more time than us for their families and did not spend their childhood/youth in running with the herd and competing with people to achieve the definition of ‘Best’ set by the society. Every coming generation is getting under even more pressure as compared to the previous generation.
People younger than us have various things to undertake and learn before they even enter college as this world only calls and gives someone the best only when they are multi talented and multi taskers.
Sit back and think for 2 minutes,why all this running and achieving? Is it for happiness or is it just to call your self the best?
In this fast moving life we have forgotten how to smile and appreciate the life that God has given us and the world that he has created for us. When was the last time you had a good laugh that you had tears in your eyes and you felt short of breath? Do you appreciate the creation of God in this beautiful world or thank him for the wonderful life he has provided you with?
You are reading this article through your phone/Ipad/laptop,which you can afford, at a place where you can afford to sit. Isn’t that a wonderful reason to be happy about?
Think about the people who cannot afford to earn enough money a day to afford a meal or provide their family with food. You will find your life easier and luxurious than many people who are dealing with actual crisis in life.

You are alive, and that is why you should be happy as an individual. The people who experience incidences where they escape death just by a whisker,become more appreciative and happier in life as they know its value.
Materialistic things become the last thing they are concerned about when they get to see how life is important and what their being means to others connected to them.
People today have forgotten to smile,have forgotten to stay happy. We don’t always need a reason to be happy,we just have to understand that the motto of whatever we do or achieve in life is happiness and the joy it gives.

This day onwards,pledge to make yourself happier and undertake things which make you happier.  Undertake this Project Happiness, and complete it to achieve actual success.

There are just a few simple steps to achieve happiness and making it a habit to look happy and feel it inside out every day.

1) SMILE- we don’t realize what a  simple curve on our face can do to make our life better than it is. A smile is a sweet bodily gesture,which changes your outlook towards the day,and someone else’s too if he/she looks at you smiling.
It changes the whole ambiance of a room and whole atmosphere in a conversation or meeting. Plus,it makes you look way more attractive :P

2) Take 10 minutes from your hectic daily routine for sitting back,and reflecting on the daily work and thoughts and deeds that you do. You might find the meaning you always wanted to give to your life in these 10 minutes and make you even calmer as an individual.

3) Do one thing a day that makes you happy. Be it anything from dancing to just talking to someone who makes your day. It will start to bring the feeling of satisfaction in your life day by day.

4) Find quality time for yourself and people connected to you, to know them better and catch up with their daily life and achievements. It always helps giving you a sense of relativity to a person or just a feeling of being more bonded with the person.

5) Explore something new everyday, from  a new book to recipe or to a new place. It gives you a sense of being alive.

6) Find time for some physical activity. A physical workout in the gym,or  walk or jog in the park,helps release a chemical known as  endorphins in the body and makes you feel fresh and better everyday.

Remember, being happy doesn’t come with a reason. So If you want to be happy, Just Be so!

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