A Promise made is a Debt Unpaid

Promises, they are meant to be kept, they are meant to be larger than life, they are meant to be proven as being given by heart. ‘Raghukul reet sada chali aayi, Praan jaaye par vachan naa jaayi’ is a famous line said during the rule of Lord Rama in Hindu Mythology which means that “The Raghuvanshi clan has a tradition which has ancient origin and it states that the members of the clan should die but never try to break a promise made to someone”. This is an old notion but now things have truly changed. The course of the wind has turned drastically against the tide.

Nowadays Promises mean something which is just a formality and it has as such no value. They have to be broken whenever one wants and whether it means to break the trust of the one which you promised or not is not your concern. Just ask yourself that how many times you have kept your promises and then compare them with the times you haven’t kept them, you would find that the promise breaking numbers are more than promise keeping ones.

broken promise

During Valentine week, there are lots of days celebrated which are dedicated to love and its symbolizing goodies like chocolate, teddy bear, rose and even Kiss, but out of all these the most significant one if taken into consideration is Promise day. When you love a person and you confess to them about your feelings, it might be an infatuation but to promise someone with all your heart but still with an uncertainty…isn’t it kind of unfair?

The famous author and philosopher Paulo Coelho in his world renowned book ‘The Alchemist’ states that- Nobody is worth your tears and the one who is won’t make you cry. Promises are one such thing. We meet many people in our lifetime and it might happen that none of them would really touch your life but there would be a certain person out there who would really change your life forever. Promises are what would really make all this happen. Promise of love, commitment, dedication, understanding, respect and to be together during ordeals of life. Always remember that what comes easy won’t last. What lasts won’t come easy. Love is one such thing and it would only last when a true promise is granted to the one you love with all your heart.

People say that things happen around you and incidents may happen with you but what really counts is what is happening inside you. Promises aren’t meant to be broken. It is a hardcore attempt from someone’s side to share out there soul with you and to be with them even during the hard times. Saying certain sweet lines like… ‘If only I could hold you in my arms the way I hold you in my heart’ is quiet easy but to promise someone to be always there for you is one of the toughest things to do. Promises are made up of trust and that is why you need to completely ensure that you are in the state to fulfill the obligation of the trust bestowed upon you by others. Broken promises are like a cut…it might heal with time but the wound or the scar would always remain near the heart.

Be like the Sun which might set during the night but promises to rise again to provide its brightness to the world…to light Earth with its magnificence. Be like the rose flower which even being brought among thorny bushes promises to bring smile to the face of the one you gift it to. And be like the child who with his soft smile and cute antics promises to bring out the child hidden inside your heart. During earlier times even while fighting people would promise each other to abide by the rules before a duel and it was a statement of their chivalrous behavior but nowadays, people would even stab in the back of a person and not fudge.

Promises are meant to be kept not broken whenever you think it is right. Life isn’t about being selfish or playing with emotions of other people. It is not about stepping upon people’s hearts and building a business empire on them. Promises are what helps in providing the love and the bond between people a chain and link. It strengthens actively the souls and mind of the people, the one who promises and of the one whom the promise is given. It is through your strong mien displayed which would make you seem apart from your contemporaries. With an insouciant attitude towards emotions and feelings might make you seem brazen at times.

If you tend to become a promise breaker of sorts, then it might happen that when your time arrives then your boring litany would not be undertaken or paid heed by anyone. So keep a restraint or limitation to the breaking of promises and see to it that you fulfill each and every promise you make to your friends, family and loved ones. Don’t be a pusillanimous person but be courageous enough to try and live up to the expectations of the ones who love you and respect you so that your place in their hearts would change from a temporary position to a permanent one.

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