Prophets and Losses


Our existence and introduction to Earth has many controversial theories, people put their faith in different theories such as evolution or taught in the variety of religions that we are blessed with today; Islam, Hinduism, Christianity, Hebrew, Buddhism, Jainism and many more. These religions teach us a lot about our ancestral past, but more importantly provide us with the one thing that is required the most in this day and age i.e. spirituality and peace. With the numerous things that we desire, which seduce us into the comfort and pleasure they provide, then we form an attachment to it, and following the spiritual path thereafter becomes harder.

From the time of our birth to the time to our demise we are surrounded by moments which make us either happy or sad, and then there are some times which just confuse us. Amidst such commotion it is essential to take some time to sink in the atmosphere and open perspectives to wider concepts which rise above our daily ‘material thoughts’ and feelings. In every faith or teaching of higher purpose a universal message is to be humane, charity and selflessness are core fundamentals; humbleness, humility and the sacrifice of egos is a common practices among the established and developed beings of these faiths. They teach objectivity towards actions, and being unperturbed by the consequences of those actions, our emotions are also a sign of the attachments and like it is said, “any form of desire, leads to misery”, however that does not mean you should hesitate to apply yourself towards your desire; the only condition is that you should be objective to the conclusion of your desire.


Spiritual path

Spiritual path

Even with the many paths which lead to our spiritual rising, with numerous courses introduced for that same purpose, a hesitation is present that occurs due to misunderstandings and lack of trust in the lessons or just denial of it. All of these paths have steps which help in realisation of the ‘self’ as they quote numerous times, and ‘acceptance’ and ‘requirements’ of that self which are bare minimum at the realisation stage. For us the attachments towards the worldly or ‘materialistic’ desires are immense and therefore the acceptance of ‘letting go’, becomes tough, and although some can break through that wall of denial, the other need guidance. Spiritual guides often preach the true value and use of fate; fate is a term in which it is believed that the situations and consequences that occur are predetermined by the works of universe in order to maintain balance. However the preachers mention that you should not restrict yourself from pursuing a desired field or action which is obviously positive, because of the belief in fate, because fate is determined as the journey unravels; in summary it relates to the uniformity of the consequences of the actions you perform, therefore the uniform action of peace and eternal bliss is acquired through steps that are taken and studied their outcome by the already enlightened. These steps are stated in the existing religions or faiths or spiritual paths.


George Harrison

George Harrison Illustration

George Harrison was the guitarist of arguably the most popular quartet that ever existed, the ‘Beatles’; they were formed by four boys from Liverpool, who found themselves growing in fame and name by making records that became instant classics and the content of those are relevant even today. In a solo album of George Harrison, after the band broke up, he wrote and composed a song titled ‘All things must pass’, a very simple melody yet the effect of the song would hit you to the depth of your thoughts; its profound lyrics explain, in a happy melody, a message to accept the truth of every moment and thing that lasts only for a while and soon passes but when fate closes a door, another door is opened. Similar to the song which preaches to people to understand not to be attached to worldly possessions or desires, as they are but temporary passengers on your journey of life. The transformation of one of the great “Rock Gods”, was made when the band went on a pilgrimage to India, with an encounter with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, he embraced the spiritual faith, till his sad demise in 2001.

The reasons of our being disconnected or isolated from the spiritual paths are varied as per the belief of people. There are times when the it is a voluntary isolation by the person because the faith is being forced on them, this seldom gives a good perspective towards it; while there are times when lessons are misinterpreted which lead to destruction of the mind, however fate is also a popular belief for the optimist who believe that they might have forced the issue of reaching to their divinity at the wrong time. There are many things that have to be left behind in the search to acquire a divine mind; the journey for that has left a trail of mortals stagnated at checkpoints behind; their ability to conquer the quests and reach the goal builds on as they realise they have to shed their excess weight (attachments) behind in order to climb the mountain at the top of which they receive their rightful bliss.

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