Public display of affection: cool or uncool?

I’ve seen singles scream ‘I hate PDA’ at the top of their voices well at several public places, and I know that because I have been one of them. Although I’m sure you’re all well versed with the meaning of PDA, that is public display of affection, I still don’t mind giving a little clarification. There are a couple of definitions of this that I came across while I was looking for them. Wikipedia said ‘Public displays of affection are acts of physical intimacy in the view of others. What is an acceptable display of affection varies with respect to culture and context.’ Then urban dictionary said ‘Couples operate in public areas, and they display affection such as holding hands, kissing etc. They do this to rub it in single people’s faces that they don’t have a boyfriend/girlfriend.’ Honestly reading these definitions, gave me a much clearer view of what people think of PDA. And that may be in exception of the people who indulge in it or not, hypocrisy is a widespread disease let me tell you. But well, almost all the time, people do not approve of Public display of affection in any form.


Some people from the relatively narrow minded or old school thinking may be taken aback to see couples even holding hands in a public area, to them that’s obscene. They begin to whisper things to each other against these people and constantly stare at these couples making them as uncomfortable as possible. The most peculiar part of this is that despite of how disturbing they find the sight of these couples to be, they make it a point to keep looking at these people. As if they own their lives and they’re going to decide what mannerisms to follow in public. Probably in their heads, they are the guiding lights of the society towards the path of betterment while in reality they are just brand ambassadors of stagnation and primitive thinking. Maybe they have never even allowed their own partner, that is if they have any, to get close to them or be physically intimate because it’s so damn inappropriate.


Then there are singles, who are not in a relationship in the present time but have dated previously or have been intimate with somebody on some level. They are not narrow minded and once in a relationship, they themselves wouldn’t refrain from PDA, but well, currently they are single and they have no one. So when they see a couple getting mushy or a guy doing cheeky stuff for a girl, they begin to feel their heart set on fire. They almost feel like the couple is not actually holding hands or hugging or kissing out of genuine affection but only to make sure that all those who are single out there begin to crib about their apparently purposeless lives. Hence, singles usually hate these couples. With PDA or minus that actually, but PDA just makes them hate these couples more. The point to be noted here is that well, the guy wouldn’t even remotely touch the girl for you to see it or in order to mock you. They don’t even know you and you’re never even going to exist in their lives. As it is, people in love are usually way too lost to even figure out what’s going on with them, let alone the rest of the world.

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So what makes you think they’re doing it to make you feel worse about your miserable life? And why is your life so miserable anyway? Is it because you are not dating anyone? Well if your purpose in life is only and only to get into a relationship, good luck to you. I hope you get there someday. But till then, you could leave the love birds alone. Stop looking at them like they just landed from Mars and asking them to get a room. I’m sure if they could get a room they would instead of finding a public place to try their hands at romance. It isn’t really that hard to mind your own business. You just have to keep your eyes in place.


And well, for the couples who indulge in PDA, I’m sorry for all the mocking that you have to go through. I sympathise with you. But then you need to set a bar as to what place is appropriate for what level of affection if you know what I mean. Your love shouldn’t make anyone in your immediate surroundings uncomfortable. People do get a little frisky here and there, but control your hormones, some things are really meant for the bedroom or well many other places which are a little more private. Not everyone needs to be audience to your intimacy all the time right? If possible, always try to find a more private space for the love shower. Not that I disapprove of PDA, or that I’m anybody to do that at all, but it’s for your own good. And for everyone else, leave these couples alone. Stop looking at them with accusing eyes, they are not raping you. If they can keep themselves busy, so can you, find a better job than ogling at them. There are many ways to express love, they have the freedom to choose theirs. Live, and let live.


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