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We can’t tell how many times we have been told or have read that early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. Sadly, due to the long working hours and increased expectations of workplaces from their staff people have chosen an unhealthy lifestyle. Chasing deadlines and bearing the pressure that comes with it have created a terrifying world where people are increasingly becoming victims of insomnia and other stress related health issues. It is very important that we look at the connection between our minds and bodies. Though the mind is a part of our body, it does not control it. It is the other way round. The mind determines the efficiency and health of our bodies to a much greater extent than we think it does. However, it is also important that a person is also physically healthy. I have decided to write this article to underline the necessity of including exercises in our daily schedule and by exercises, I specifically mean cardiovascular exercises. These exercises which primarily target increasing the heart rate, have been proved to successfully keep a person in shape as well as his uplift his mood and provide him with better psychological health.


If you were looking for an article on positivity, you must be wondering how exercise could help you stay positive and make your life better. I assure you that by the time you finish reading the article, you will see the direct and indirect consequences of having a fit body on your life events. Having a positive attitude means that you give everything your best shot and not worry about the results. It is about doing everything that is in your hands. It is about knowing that you have worked hard and even if you fail, you are willing to work harder. Tomorrow will be a reflection of today. Make the right choices. The better past you have the better chance your positive attitude has to give you the necessary confidence.

Cardiovascular exercises or cardio as it is more popularly referred to, are the kind of exercises that are done with an objective of increasing the heart’s rate of pumping blood throughout the body. It is most widely used to lose body fat but the health benefits of performing cardio exercises are not limited to burning the excess calories. Cardiovascular exercises come in very handy if you are looking to live a healthier lifestyle and consequently enjoy ‘feeling alive’.


Let me ask you a few questions before I move on. Do you choose to take the elevator or escalator instead of the staircase? Do you pant while climbing the stairs or even when walking at a mild pace? If the answers to both the questions are affirmative, I must warn you that it is an indication of a weak cardiovascular system. There are various reasons that may lead to early fatigue while performing physical exercises. Some of them can be rectified through better nutrition while some of them require more physical exercise. The heart is an organ and its proper functioning is dependent on the health of the cardiac muscles present in it. Like any other muscle, cardiac muscles too need to be exercised and kept in shape. A stronger heart means a better cardiovascular system and it, in turn, means better oxygen and nutrients supply to the cells in our body. Moreover, the better the blood flow to the brain is, better is its performance.

A frightening number of people are facing the problems related to obesity while there are also people who seem to not be able to gain weight in spite of better nutrition.  Each person does not need to sport a body like a supermodel’s but it is essential that their body weight is in the normal range depending on their height and age. Increasing your body weight or losing the excess fat, no matter what your goal is, increases metabolism is what you must run after. The increase in rate of metabolism is directly proportional to the intensity of your cardio exercise and in theory it is quite simple but while actually performing cardio, you will need tremendous will power to increase or maintain the intensity. There’s a price for everything and this is the cost you will have to pay if you really want to achieve your goals. In the world of sports, it is not only a question of what you want but also of how bad you want it! Apart from the health benefits of cardio, the ‘never ever quit’ attitude will help you climb the heights you have always desired.

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There are times when the weight of the predicaments that pile up on us seems to crush our spirits to such an extent that we go into a state of depression and our actions do not seem to produce the desired results and we start looking at ourselves as abject failures. Though the view is not pretty good and it appears that there is no way to succeed again, the veiled reality is that there is always a way out and the first step to find it is to think that you can. Cardio exercises have been found to help people have a positive attitude and stay optimistic. It improves the hormonal balance of our bodies and also stimulates the brain to release hormones that helps us feel better about everything. Though cardio is tiring and in the beginning you might face the troubles that accompany tired muscles and the pain will make it even worse but if you stay determined and follow a strict regime your body will adapt and strengthen your muscles. Furthermore, you will observe that you will experience higher energy levels throughout the day.

Mahatma Gandhi said that there is nothing else in the world that can  wear your body down than worry. The more you worry, the lesser you will be able to enjoy life in a productive way. To enjoy life, you must give your best whenever you can and leave the rest to God. Your health is in your hands. What you eat, what you drink and what your habits are all detrimental to your health. So instead of worrying about facing health challenges, it is better if you act. I assure you that taking up cardiovascular exercises will improve your physical and psychological health, boost your self-confidence and thus give you one less reason to worry.

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