Being punctual means doing our pre planned work on time and doing everything at the right place on the right time. This sounds difficult but is not impossible. When you decide to take up the responsibility for your future and refrain yourself from procrastination, you enlighten your life with the goodness of punctuality.

When we are punctual, we tend to complete our tasks on time and fulfill our dreams. Being punctual means we care about the responsibilities towards ourselves and others too. There must have been some incident where it was very important for you to reach on time but you were late and this annoyed everyone. Punctuality is like the white collar which can’t afford to be dirty since it then shows our irresponsibility.


People who are not punctual are either lazy or care less about others time. Time is precious, so once a time has passed, it can never bring back the lost opportunities. So we should waste less time and be punctual so that we don’t lose the opportunities coming our way just because we could not grab it on the right time. Punctuality is an art that sets routine in our life and we start living a well planned life that has a goal and defined ways to reach the goal. Don Marquis said – “Punctuality is one of the cardinal business virtues: always insist on it in your subordinates.”

Punctuality can never be learned by observation, it needs to be incorporated in our mind and practiced in our life. The more we become conscious about our responsibilities, the more punctual we can become. But sometimes it happens that those who are punctual are often made to wait for those who are lazy and non punctual like if two friends are travelling together to office, it often seems to happen that one of them is waiting for the other. This jeopardizes his punctuality too. He then starts feeling the uselessness of reaching on time as he anyhow becomes late due to his friend’s non- punctuality. At such a time, he should leave the companionship of his friend if he can’t come on time. This way his friend may also start being punctual.


It is very annoying when you are on time but your friend is not and you keep waiting for hours for that friend who did not care about you. This shows that his time is more important for him than your time. It ultimately shows how much he cares about you. When our friend is punctual, we should appreciate that behaviour. Since it will not only make him happy but make him feel cared too. Sometimes when a person is punctual and not appreciated for that, he can become irresponsible and non- punctual.


Appreciate the punctuality of your friends to promote it and also learn from them. When you are working in your office, you are bound to show punctuality. If you are punctual in completing your tasks in your office, you will be rewarded for being so conscious about the responsibilities assigned to you and you may land up with a promotion for yourself.

There are many ways to be punctual. You can set up reminders or make notes about the activities which you are going to perform the entire day. This way you will not forget your work and complete it on time. Try to complete your work before the given deadline. This not only saves you from mental tension but helps you to run parallel along time and give it a tight competition. In today’s world, where there is so much competition in every field of work, we cannot afford to be lazy and delay our work. In such case, we may end up losing the opportunities.

One more way to start practicing punctuality is to wake up on time. Starting your day early can save a lot of time being wasted. Once you delay in waking up, your entire schedule for the day gets disturbed which you should try to avoid at all costs. Set your alarm clock and wake up the moment it rings in the morning. Making a tight schedule for your tasks does not mean that you don’t take out time for leisure or family. Do enjoy your life but that too should not conflict with your work. Keep aside certain hours of the day that you can spend watching television, playing with your pet or dancing to your favourite song. Punctuality should not act like a burden that harasses you, but it should be time saviour and opportunity saviour in your life. Enjoying your life is important but too much enjoyment can also be harmful, so doing your work on time and enjoying your life the right way is very important. Being punctual can be an asset for an individual that helps that person to prosper in an organization and life as well.

When you start practicing punctuality as a crucial part of life rather a burdened routine, you will surely experience a life full of new endeavours and achievements. Amit Kalantari said –“Punctuality is not just limited to arriving at a place at right time, it is also about taking actions at right time.”

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