The Question is: Do You Have a Soul?

A very sentimental question isn’t it? Maybe it was read in a sarcastic tone or a calm tone by the tiny voice inside your head reading this. Science and Religion are like the rocks at the banks of a river. Some are slimy and covered with moss while some are smooth and glistening on touch due to constant friction. I have been contemplating a lot on the whole topic of the “existence of the soul”. Primarily this thought occurred after watching a horror movie where generally spirits attack on people in flesh. I never really understand why people/story-tellers/ folklore subject the spirits as evil. It made me question as to, is there a soul present in our bodies behind this curtain of flesh?


I read somewhere, that once a person dies, the weight of the body after dying or being clinically dead is 9gms lighter while before death the body is 9gms heavier. Suggesting that in those few moments of the body completely de-functioning something exits the body making it lighter. Now this either could be the soul or maybe something unknown. I know this makes you think, after death you don’t really lose any body part unless life lost in an accident, but a simple death with eye witnesses around the body, it is hard to say that they see the soul going out of the body.  As stated, a soul is translucent. But who has seen a soul? Be it of a dead person or a living? Paranormal sightings are becoming increasingly prominent these days with film makers making grotesque versions of these stories. Is this creating a negative image in our minds of these “souls”? Who is to know until they themselves have witnessed any such sightings.


While doing some research for this article, I found that some religions like the Catholics do not believe in the afterlife or the idea of reincarnation. However, not so much the same in Hinduism where almost all our beliefs are based on religion and tradition. Does this mean that some religions decide to ignore the fact because maybe they have experienced an encounter with a soul or some religions decide to believe in the afterlife fearing the laws of cosmic force? Many of our elders say that we should not disregard the fact that souls do exist and the reason behind so is that they have unfinished tasks left on earth. If it so then why does the soul go in search for humans who could possibly help them complete their task and then decide to torture them by imposing self harm? Questions like these mostly have religious answers to them. Depending on how deranged the spirit is. Many of my friends tell me they have seen spirits and know people of being possessed. I have seen one such possession too, Divine Possession. This kind of possession takes place when apparently when in deep concentration while praying or reciting a “bhajan” (religious hymns), god enters the human body of a selected individual to let people know of the higher sentinel’s presence. Amusing is this cosmic force. Later, people flock to take the possessed individual’s blessings. Religion.


It is definitely hard to confirm or deny on the existence of a soul in us. Apparently Vampires do not have souls and are “damned” humans. Well then the world is almost going under the water because of the actions of committed by us. Not everyone is saint, not even the saints themselves. Everyone is a sinner in some or the other way. Nobody is completely pure. Not even water is completely pure. Does this make us “damned” too then? Well I shall that to think to you. But know that behind every action, there a reason or impulsive reaction. Everything happens in front of our eyes we are only deceived by our minds. This whole “existence of the soul” could just be a thought/image in our mind or possibly could be a real thing too. Some people refer to acts of kindness as having a good soul. Some who feel an overwhelming surge of emotions and power while doing something they love say that it was felt through my soul. The popular proverb, “do it from your heart and your soul”. In this sense, it would mean that the soul is maybe an emotion which accelerates the individual with will power or happiness in certain cases, like, let’s say while cooking food, you make it with so much emotion and receive happiness in the end after consuming it. Could this mean that the soul is your sub-conscience? Nothing can really be proven unless you yourself go dig into finding the facts and reasons behind it.

Like a few other topics where Religion and Science do not go hand in hand, this is one of those topics where you either have a spiritual awakening or a scientific exploration. In the end, it really up to you to believe in what you want to based on the morals fed into you. You either believe in the supernatural because you fear it rather just respect the beliefs of those who believe and let the matter go until you find evidence for it. There is always man a reason and always a man of faith. Always.

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