The Quests Of Life

Love, respect, dignity, companionship, relationships, wealth, success, prosperity are some things which we all crave for in life. We run after them like a mad horse keeping aside everything else. However, amidst all this, there is one thing that is of utmost importance to one and all and that is fame. Be it in the form of glory, recognition or popularity, fame is dear to us and we are willing to fight all odds for the sake of it. At times, in this process of garnering fame, acclaim and approbation we lose ourselves and try to be like others. We live our own lives imitating others. A lot of celebrities go through the knife, try doing lip jobs and nose jobs just to turn heads and apparently to “look good”. However, they lose their true self, their true bodies gifted by god in that process.

Usually, in this double faced world, the people who sweat and work, which toil hard, which labor all day through the summer heat and endure the winter cold just to finish their job are never seen, admired or recognised. Most of the times, the people who did not work by the sweat of their brow always seem to come off the best. We must learn to be capable of seeing the real glory behind the counterfeiting fame. We must be capable of respecting and recognizing the unseen faces. They do not seek fame or glory but silently finish their job to the best of their abilities. Out of all the important people, they are the most important as they are responsible for the shaping of the very existence of the project. They lay the foundation stone. They are precisely the ones who never show their faces. They are the ones who deserve respect!

When faced by inevitable circumstances in life, we must remember the great lessons taught to us by the wise: that everything in this world is transient and hence we should lead our lives the way we want to without even an inch of fear. When life itself is transient, when everything has a certain ending, why not take advantage of that and spend our days doing the things we have always wanted to do instead of being pessimistic. In our quest to garner fame and appreciation by others, we lack the courage to do certain things which the world might discard as stupid but by doing those we receive immense happiness and pleasure.

Following a career that does not really suit you, doing a job that you do not like simply because it is a safe job and would guarantee you enough money to save for your old age is not the right way of leading your life. If you are doing any of the above mentioned things, stop, heave a sigh of relief and rethink the values that govern your life. Live in the moment and be yourself. Do not let your dreams and hopes collapse. Open up new horizons, get out of that shell and reflect upon the meaning of your life. Only a few have a sense of the real meaning of their lives and their work. Lift yourselves out from beneath your own emotional rubble and rebuild the cathedral that you have always dreamed of, but never dared to create. Celebrate life, because life is beautiful. Life is always a reason to be happy.

quests of life

Love has the power to heal and transform one’s soul. Love takes you through paradise and transcends all the barriers of the world. It feels good to love someone and be loved in return. Love never dies. Love resides beyond expectations and beyond hesitations. Fill your life with love and you will realize he difference. Just gather courage and say it to your long time crush. You never know he or she might just reciprocate with an equal amount of care and affection and you could stay together for a longer period of time.

Learn to worship the beautiful and the simple things in life. Do not go after the unnecessary and the artificial. Try to concentrate your efforts on achieving perfection through the imperfect gestures of daily life. Perform every duty with efficacy and respect. Small things in life bring us closer to God. Accept and embrace the dozens of small things or small opportunities that each ordinary day offers all of us.

Do not fear embarrassing or hurting others for your own happiness. Try your best to avoid such situations. However, always keep it in mind that happiness of one does not necessarily mean unhappiness of others. Joy and pain go hand in hand. Each and every person on this planet has to go through some or the other tragedy, be it the death of a close one, an accident, loss of a job, loss of an organ or limb, etc. Do not blame yourself for anybody’s unhappiness. Instead strive to make them happy. Spread happiness and be happy yourself. Smiles are contagious. No amount of brilliance, intelligence, intellect can avert tragedy. This is the present moment. Learn how to gobble it up, without fear or guilt.

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