The race against time

You know how we all keep procrastinating things to the next minute, the next hour, the next day. Like we’ve all got plenty of time in hand and there’s just such a big life ahead of us that we’re going to manage everything in time. It’s very hard to imagine that you’ll ever be short of time, to say things you’ve wanted to say, do what you’ve wanted to do, accomplish your goals, fulfil your dreams. Even if I tell you today that you may not have enough time, you’ll not be convinced. It’s a defence mechanism I believe. We’re all a little optimistic no matter how pessimistic we are. We don’t imagine getting hit by a bus every day obviously and I wouldn’t even recommend that. I’m not asking you to build a life with fear instilled in your bones; that ways you’ll always be afraid, probably on the verge of a nervous breakdown. But just consider the possibility, what if you miss it all by a minute?; A second perhaps? We’ve all missed deadlines I believe. Some of us have even missed trains and flights and buses. I know that doesn’t sound like such a big deal. But we’re always going to be running out of time believe me. Ten days prior to exams, we’re all like there’s whole ten days left, why should we even bother studying already? And then the night before the exam, we’re sweating nervously and praying with every single beat of our heart that we somehow manage to pass.


That’s human tendency. Always thinking, always believing the wrong, delaying everything. But sometimes when you delay something, you might as well consider the possibility of not being able to do it at all. At this stage in our lives we’re all given a lot of second chances, thinking we’re so young and so immature, and that one day we’ll grow up and understand the value of time and immensely precious it is. One day you’re young and immature, and suddenly the next day without any prior intimation, in the eyes of the world, you’re all grown up. That little phase of transitions brings such great changes in your life that you’ve probably never imagined. You’ve never felt the weight of responsibility, of expectations that you will now. And this phase will hit you before you can prepare yourself for it and it’s going to come without any warnings if I may tell you that. And that day onwards, there’ll be no second chances, no unmet deadlines or targets will be forgiven. What you earn, how you live will depend on it. Those missed flights will make you lose contracts, or make you lose the chance of meeting your loved one, one last time. The time that you have now, is the time you’ve been given to redeem yourself, to prove yourself and to finally execute that trip you’ve been planning with your friends for so long. And we let this time slip by so easy. That’s the irony.


When you have time, you feel like you’re never going to fall short of it; and when you don’t have it, it’s what you keep complaining about. You want to start your own company, and you think you’re just 21, what could you possibly do at such a young age, and you procrastinate. Then you reach the age when your parents start pressurizing you to get married and take responsibility of someone else and run a household. And then somewhere under the burden of the family life you lose your dream. And if you make enough money to start something of your own, you’re probably too old and you don’t have enough time left to enjoy that dream, or watch your company grow manifold, into something you’ve never imagined. You run out of time. You’ve liked this girl since the first time you’ve laid eyes on her. You love the way she nibbles on wafers, or how she never stops messing with her hair. You only allow yourself to fall deeper in love with her, never gathering the courage to walk up to her and tell her how you can literally feel her inside your bones. You sit at the corner of the class from where you can get the perfect view of her astonishingly beautiful smile, and you stare at her waiting for the perfect moment to spill out your feelings for her. In the meantime, her apparent prince charming sweeps her off her feet and you watch her part with you for the rest of your life. Or she moves to another city and you never get to see more than her pictures on social media.

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What right moment do we keep waiting for? There’s never a better time than now. We indulge in superficial associations and waste too much of our time that we must spend telling our people, the permanent ones how incredibly important they are to us. You’re never going to run out of people to love, but you’ll run out of time to tell them you do. This time, that we must spend on making our childhood dreams come true, not just planning the rest of our lives but doing something about it. One day you’re going to wake up with a million regrets and you’ll owe most of them to the time you lost. So don’t wait, it won’t do you any good. Don’t wait for something wonderful to happen to you, but do something wonderful yourself. There’s only so much time on your head and it’s slipping away like sand from your fist, don’t waste it, use it wisely. It’s the most precious asset there is.

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