When Rain Soothes My Senses

This is something more than coincidence because as I write this my ears hear the soothing pitter patter of raindrops along with the occasional roar of thunder. As if this wasn’t enough a steaming cup of coffee teases the sense of my smell. I occasionally look outside the window and discover that the sight just gets better and better.


All of us, as kids, as adults have so many memories of the rainy season. I think this season is the most beautiful out of all the seasons. The sight of the lightning, the smell of earth, the sound of the thunder, the fierce wind and finally the rain is one to die for. Ah! The Nature is at its prettiest best when it rains. The laidback person that I am, this season, undoubtedly is my most favorite season. I mean, who would not like curling up inside a blanket with a book or a hot cup of coffee, along with steaming hot pakodas?A few of us love going for long drives and sipping on some hot ginger tea at a dhabha(not to miss the spicy hot samosas, together they make a deadly combo).


Why I’m I writing on rain you may ask. In our otherwise fast life, where we’re just running after materialistic objects, we tend to miss out on these priceless (free!) gifts of nature. Instead of being grateful and happy about, the modern man has become a thankless person and only knows how to rant when things do not match up to his mood.

A few days back, it was yet another day to work when it started getting cloudy and eventually started pouring cats and dogs. Needless to say I was delighted to see it rain when I was on my way to work (I would definitely hated it, had it rained when I would be in my office, at my desk, staring at the monitor). It just took a couple of minutes for my earphones to come out and take me into a different world altogether. A fairly long drive, a sudden downpour, heavenly music, and I am all smiles. Now this is what I call life. Little did I know that my smile and my little world would cease to exist in a short while. A colleague started ranting about how dirty everything was with water splashed everywhere, about how the traffic would get jammed and that she was late to office. I was obviously tempted to retaliate to her and make her understand that she’s simply making an issue out of nothing. But I also remembered that this wasn’t the first time that such a thing was happening. So I simply chose to carry on with what I was previously doing. This kinda set me thinking. Why are we so unhappy inspite of being amidst the best of comforts? Why is that we’re not content with whatever we have? Why is that we get so agitated with sudden surprises? Have we become so involved in our daily chase of routine that we’ve forgotten to be thankful? Why have become such ego centric creatures? Why is that we don’t smile often? Why are we happy only when we are around artificial things? Why is that we’re looking out for objects rather than looking out for people? Why have we become so artificial? Why is that we get pleased only when something comes with a price tag?


I wonder why these series of questions attacked my tiny brain. Was my colleague to be blamed? Maybe, maybe not. Was the music that I was listening to that triggered these thoughts? Maybe, maybe not. Was it the rain? May be, maybe not.

Very often when we’re not in a good mood, even the best of things would not appeal to us, similarly, when you’re in a good mood, even a small thing is enough to get you excited. Probably this was one of those days. We all come with our share of baggage, but that need not mean that we’d burden the others with our share of sorrows. I’m not saying that it’s wrong to share your feelings with somebody, but constantly identifying with it is something that I don’t really agree with. Probably what my colleague did was the result of one those ‘mood swings’. Maybe I’m making a big deal out of nothing. But at the same time I am believer that life is meant to be lived during every moment, every second of our life. Live! Not exist. The problem with us is that we merely exist; only a few of us are actually living life.

Another thing that I love about rain is, it sets you thinking. Thinking about your loved ones, your past memories, your future, your dreams, your happiness, your sorrows, your ouch moments, your moment of pride and glory and what not!

While I sympathize with my colleague, I can’t help but look outside and be awestruck with Nature’s beauty. I wonder what kind of a genius the Creator of this scene is, to have created such master piece. The drowsy season that it is, I fell asleep because there was a lot of time on hand before I could get to work.

Whoever said ‘raindrops are the perfect lullaby’ was totally right.


How much I love rain..



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