When Drops of Joy Wash away your Worries

Rain…rain…rain. It is the tiny droplets of water pouring out from the heavenly abode towards the earthly mud. The leaves dripping with water and droplets taking the entire shape of the tiny leaflets and flower petals just seem out of the world. The beauty of the rain lay in the fact that it is a time when positivity and negativity of the life are at their peak level. It can either turn your heads towards a brighter future or it can turn it into a sadistic version of your past. The choice remains onto the way you tend to protrude your life into. The miscellany of life written by you should be luxuriant, lush, prolific and extravagantly ornate. Only through the fortitude displayed by you towards your own self can help you in holding off the negative ailments of life.


Rain isn’t a mountebank or charlatan of sorts. It is just a means and medium of nature to help you have insight of your heart and mind. Rain provides you the atmosphere to really think well and hard so as to take heed of each and every minutiae concerned. You might be someone of the nature which causes you to frown upon the world and fret in a show of discontent. But it is only through mete out of the concerns of life that you can easily put a boundary and limit to the life’s obstacles. The charm of rain cannot be brought out into open through incantation of some magical words. It is the methodological treatment of nature to relieve humans of their stressful lives and for once think of the beauty of the nature and the surroundings around.

In the first case, the rain can bring out all the ghosts of the past in front of your eyes. You might be sent into the brazen feature because of your insouciant attitude which might be brought up by the tiny droplets of water. The prototype of your individualistic life can be maimed to its utmost end with the ghosts of the past incidents and people arriving in your dreams to haunt you. Each and every drop of water dripping down on you or the leaves and on outside of your window might make you realize how much you have missed in your life and how you need to enjoy and relish the moments in your life. You might struggle at first and might slip and fell into the mire of past but to fight it and conquer it through the drops would make you feel better than before.  The chaotic and turmoil brawl inside the mind can be easily laved through thinking ways to improve your life. Thoughts can act like a harridan sometimes with all the viciousness and nastiness in the air but it is through the battle with the forms that you can expect to learn all the lessons of life worth learning.

In the second case, you would feel content inside the heart watching the beauty of the surroundings. During rain, the nature is just at its best. Some children might be outside enjoying the rain without having any tension or stress of life. The animals around would be out taking shelter but they too would be enjoying rains…the birds chirping outside with joy and the trees shaking themselves and enjoying in their own way the beauty of nature. Rain can be said to be a form of amulet or charm which possess the powers of the occult and spreads an unending happiness and smile into the lives of people. Rain is described as the ‘Season of Love’. Love is just in the air and it broods into the hearts of the young ones. Even the insularity of one can be turned into a risible existence by rain.

Going on a peregrination during rain can calm down the tumultuous heart of your and can provide you a strength beyond imagination.

It is only through the perspective with which you see the season as that tends to help you know your own vision of life. The prosody of life is rhythmic and positive if your outlook towards the voyage is joyful and enjoyable. It is only through the sang-froid displayed by a person that their mettle as a human can be displayed and measured. You would have a puissance in your life like never before and move forward with it. The real power is inside the heart. It might seem preternatural and inexplicable at times but during intense situations the worth of the man really gets into open.

Make reparation with your life and with your friends. Rain is a season of understanding what you actually want in your life. It is all about knowing how your life can be turned into one that might make you attain true happiness and pleasure. In many ways, life teaches you lessons unexplained. It gives you the hints and you need to understand them by the clues. Rain is one such clue and lesson provided by nature, you just have to take the entrance test and purvey it successfully so as to gain a prophylactic medication from negative thoughts and actions and enter a heaven of positive energy.

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