Why Read Motivating and Inspiring Preaching?

A great book should leave you with many experiences, and slightly exhausted at the end. You live several lives while reading”.

-William Styron


Life teaches us lessons in it’s own way and we learn from our mistakes. The kind of lessons we learn can vary depending on every individual and the experiences also can differ. Among those few, who might have learned from life or who knows about the right thing to do, decide to tell their story. A person who talks about the right things to do in life need not have to be a saint or might have done all the right things and have never erred. We all do mistakes and learn from it. Every individual has a different source of learning about doing things in a right way and for some the reality knocks them hard.

I have been writing articles for quite a long time now, and found myself at places where people questioned me about how any of the articles based on inspiring or motivating can help? Or sometimes people even asked me do I follow every single word I write. It’s a common nature in humans that before one starts to do some new task they like to know if anyone else doing it and how they do or how good they are at it? Although, the best way is just simply do the task if you feel like and that is what which makes you happy.


A few days ago, while I was busy picking on a few vegetables at a grocery shop I met a friend who happens to have a teen-aged son. The mother and I spoke for a while and I learned that her son recently attempted suicide because of scoring fewer marks in his exams but merely got saved by a book. Yes! You heard it right. He got saved by a book. My friend is an avid reader and she always preferred to read books which were inspiring and motivational literature with great stories about various life aspects. Being a strong believer in reading, she had given one of such books to her son to read, which of course was lying in the corner’s of his table with an inch of dust on it. But the day he decided that he cannot live anymore and felt shame to show his face to his people with less marks in his academics, he thought of ending everything. While he sat on his bed, he felt bad for his mother and decided at least he should read the book she gave him just to say he loved her, before ending his life. Surprisingly, the book was about overcoming the hurdles in life and facing things more boldly. After reading a chapter or two, he decided against his decision and finally confessed the entire things to his parents. My friend, worships the book today as a God sent angel who saved her son.

We seek guidance through various means, and it can come in the form of a well wisher, an elderly advice, from a friend or family, or simply from reading good books. To find yourselves motivated you do not need to read only motivational and inspiring writings. It all depends on your interests and what keeps you happy and motivated. For example, I get greatly motivated by the character Eve Dallas of the In Death series by Nora Roberts who happen to be a crime and mystery novelist, also a few other books such as Spencer Johnson’s ‘Who Moved my Cheese’, Stephen Covey’s ‘Seven Habit’s of Highly Effective Families’ and more. Like wise, we all have our own way of motivating self and works based on ‘how to’ or ‘what to do’ in life can be useful to someone, somewhere. Making a habit of reading and those few words which push you to work for something better can be a great way of spending your free time.


Reading motivational and inspirational not only when you feel low, instead if it’s cultivated as a habit, can help at times to build your courage and gives you an attitude of fighting back. It helps us to dream, opens our minds, and helps us to realize that we are not the only fish in the pond who strives to be alive and keeps trying a way to live a better life. There are some exceptional authors who give us an insight into others life experiences and in a simple way of making us learn if found ourselves in a similar situation, as how to cope. The better side of reading is, it’s always your choice to choose the books and the authors.


In today’s world having internet at the tip of our fingers all time, which does all our work easier, it is not much difficult to read online and there are plenty out there to give you a free advice. Again, the choice is yours about what you like to read and some of those authors can really boost you up and can lift your mood. You can always read the reviews of the author or the book or a piece of an article and follow up to reading more. A habit of reading inspirational and motivational in the morning can help you to focus on your day’s challenges in a better way.

Happy Reading! Happier life!

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