Be Ready to Take on the World, Alone

When times are hard, when you see nothing in front of you, when you lose out on all hopes, never forget that you are not alone. YOU are your own best friend. This is a true fact. So many people go into depression when they have nobody to talk to.

There are times when you think you have the best of friends and have them for life. It is something very ideal. As man is not immortal, neither is anything else on this planet. Everything is meant to come and go. You might have the best of friends today, but tomorrow, when they will seclude you and humiliate you for the smallest of reasons, everything that you do would seem to be very irrational. They will not give you the same importance as they used to and your self esteem will not let you handle such behavior.

These times should not put you down in life. And it is the best time for you to sit down, RELAX, BREATHE and introspect yourself. It is okay to not be around people and have your own time once in a while. Do not think of what others will be thinking about you. It hardly matters as long as you are in peace. When you see any form of disturbance coming your way, just take a step back and be in the safe zone. Let others call you a coward. It actually does not make any sense to go forward and embrace a TROUBLE (for which you are not even responsible).

Dont think too much

Compile all your focus in one direction, into something productive. This will be something worthwhile and will add on to your experiences in life. Instead of trying to be “one of those”, be YOURSELF. And be proud of the person that you are. Never underestimate yourself. Just be on track and keep doing what your heart and mind say is right. Remember, when I say, both heart and mind, it is actually an exceptional situation. When your heart wants something, your mind goes against it and vice-versa. Thus, attaining a balance between these two major components of your life is actually the biggest achievement.

You should have at least that much self control, so that you do not go against your values. Do not pretend to be someone that you are not. Let people accept you for the person you are. Do not worry about their judgments. Walk all straight with confidence in your eyes. Nobody will even dare to think negative about you. They will look up to you. But do not let this factor eat you up. Never be satisfied in life. When you reach the level of satisfaction in life, you absent-mindedly decide not to go beyond that level. This is when you reach the saturation point in your life. Always make efforts to get over the self obsession of yours. Burst the bubble around you and see the world. You’ll always find people to learn from, people better than you, in all spheres of life.

Learn to differentiate between self obsession and confidence. These are two completely different things. At the same time when you achieve something great, do not forget to pat your back and feel good about yourself. But at the same time, make sure to achieve something even better the next time. Wherever and whenever you see an opportunity coming your way (even if it is a little far), go and GRAB it. If you do not give yourself chances, you will not see growth in life. Explore. Experience. Enthrall. Do remember these three E’s.

At the same time, learn not to expect too much from yourself. Do not punish yourself. Always give yourself a chance. Never lose out on hopes. Try and try until you succeed. There are bad days for everyone. Just let them pass. Do not let them upset you. There will be days when, you will be acknowledged and appreciated for your work. Wait for those days.


Have patience in life but at the same do not just sit back. Raise your voice whenever you think something is not right. Something that I will repeat again: Do not think of what others will think. Be yourself and fight for the right. If people cannot accept you with the way you are, they can never be your true friends. If they come and talk about your flaws, LISTEN. Try to improve on your negatives. But if you want, you can always have your space and choose to listen to whatever you want to. Pick up good things from what the person has to say. Learn to filter whatever you want to hear. Meditate and analyse what is going wrong with you. If you can improve your flaws, well for you.

Doing this helps you come across as a better person by accepting your flaws instead of ignoring them and improving on them. If people still do not accept you, do not get discouraged. You still have your best friend…YOURSELF.

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