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If I tell you what made me write this article, you’ll laugh. The idea of it originated from something very trivial and yet something that made me ridiculously happy today. I finally managed to bake my favourite cake today, it’s a red velvet by the way. And believe me I was on the ninth cloud when I tasted it; that finally I’ve done it feeling began to sink in. And it’s not really hard to make let me tell you, I just somehow always the get the icing wrong or the proportion of different ingredients wrong, something or the other. But this time, everything was bang on, literally perfect and it tasted like heaven. Now I’m someone who would even consider baking for a living someday for my love for desserts is boundless and insane. My hunger pangs almost always involve a nice dessert if nothing else. And I do bake a lot, it makes me very happy. I guess sweets are supposed to make you happy because they never fail me. A little chocolate never hurts does it? I fed my cake to everyone in the family and they loved it, thankfully; I’d be pretty heartbroken otherwise. This was my today’s personal achievement, a very little one at that, but yet an achievement.


I’ve always rooted for those little achievements that make you smile a little. Even if it’s something as simple as sticking to the schedule you made for yourself, once you follow it, you have that satisfaction of having done something you planned on doing. A lot of achievements are incidental too, and they’re quite nice because well, who doesn’t love a surprise? But I’ve begun to look at these little achievements as the real big ones. You’re going to have your omega moments, like those big moments when everyone’s praying for you and wishing you well; the ones you get plenty of good luck messages for, the kinds you prepare success speeches over. But sometimes, they don’t turn out as expected for you. It could be some important entrance result, your first job interview, anything at all that matters. There’s always a possibility that you’ll be disappointed by yourself or the results. That has happened to me quite a lot. Especially when I had my 12th grade board results, and I didn’t score as well as I had expected. I mean, I knew how hard I had worked for it and my marks just wouldn’t do justice to all that efforts. It’s pretty heartbreaking you know. I cried and howled for a day or two, actually more maybe. I had gone into that perpetual whining mode despite of having pretty decent scores at the end of the day. But you know how it is right? You’re always stuck at that one thing you didn’t get. No matter how far ahead you’ve moved in life, your disappointment turns into regret and you end up carrying the baggage of that disappointment all your life.


But I think you need to have one of these experiences you rise above and change your perception of success or achievement. I know we all like that limelight and people going gaga over us and asking us how we made it, but that’s not all that matters. What matters most is when you go to bed at night, how satisfied do you feel with what you did and who you are. The personal achievements are what eventually lead to big achievements, they’re the stepping stones. When you begin to value them, your attitude towards achievement changes, and so does your way of handling success. This encompasses making you more humble and more sensible as a person. You don’t only look at yourself differently but you’re also a big motivating factor in the lives of those around you who are on the verge of giving up. You’re capable of making them see themselves differently. Because you know how they feel, you’ve been there, in their shoes and you know it’s not in a pretty place to be in. So you’re going to help set them free too. That’s changing a lot of lives in one go, isn’t it? Your big achievements are going to lie in your cupboards as trophies and certificates; eventually you’re going to stop looking at them. You won’t even probably notice their presence unless and until someone points them out and asks about them. You’ll still hold that sense of pride in them but it won’t linger on, they’re also momentary joys, just like the little achievements, and they’re very rare too.

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Such exceptionally amazing things don’t very often, do they? So you’ll have to keep waiting and working for them, and for that you need motivation. And these little achievements are going to provide you with that motivation, to keep going. Because, let’s face it, it’s very hard to keep working in one direction because it’s a prolonged process and you’re going to bear the fruit of it pretty late. So you need something to drive you instantly. It could be a little competition that you won, or something new that you tried your hand at. It could even be finally getting that one dance step you’ve been trying to do for ages. It could be anything. Achievement comes from a sense of self pride, not from what people appreciate but what you appreciate. Find your little achievements and dwell upon them, they’re very nice to think about, and they will take you very far in life.


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