Are we The Real ALIENS?

4,500,000,000 years old, planet earth since its inception has been the only planet known to man to harness life. Cool right? A few days ago I and my friends were debating on how aliens could possibly exist on other galaxies light years away from ours and then someone said, how we, ‘humans’,  could just be the aliens our selves! There was a moment of revelation and awe for a moment, then I said, ‘then why do we not have supernatural powers and possess laser-shooting guns minus the tentacles, I want guns! And why can’t we simply just rule the world!’ On my way back home I was thinking how it could really be possible, all these years of learning that humans evolved on planet earth through natural processes. Could all this just be fiction? Cue the creepy alien background score.

We all have heard the popular show ‘Ancient Aliens’ according to them, we were put on earth by aliens. But at the same time they make you reconsider everything you have been learning since childhood. I find the show unappealing, because the reasons don’t make any sense to me. Do you feel the same too? I am glad if you do. Not implying, that all of the theories they suggest are impractical, some do seem to quantify some facts that we know too. Like the similar pyramid constructions of the Mayans and Egyptians built to worship the gods/alien gods. Or the Egyptian symbols stating unidentified beings appearing from the skies offering help. You will come across various blogs/books/movies telling showing the evolution of man and how the aliens have a role to play in our progress. But really how much is true? Okay for a moment, let’s think from a point of view of a mad astronomer, what if truly aliens came and put us on earth? What if we were bred in an area and then sent as test samples to survive on the planet? So that they could colonize, so in short, ALIENS ARE JUST LIKE US! SO WE ARE THE ALIENS!

But Charles Darwin didn’t suggest so; we evolved through apes and were not placed on planet earth as Homo sapiens (a complete human), that is what science suggests. Most of you while going through this will must be reading this with a squint face thinking who could possibly be coming up with such odd assumptions about humans. But then the human mind is always inquisitive and needs answers. Although it is scientifically proven that we do evolve from apes, due to the similar characteristics some non-believers of science state that we were put on earth by gods (aliens). I read an article stating that we in reality are aliens because of the pain we feel. An U.S ecologist, Dr. Ellis Silver puts forth his theory that, the back pains, labour pains, burning of skin is in fact how we could possibly be aliens. Since he feels that, pain is something we cannot feel in other galaxies or planets due to the climatic conditions we were possibly bred in. he is trying to imply that since our skin burns on exposure to UV rays of the sun, our skin has been sensitized due to the same reason, that we were in fact born on another planet and then brought here. Now I am no scientist/ecologist or astronomer of any kind but a normal person would go, “what the hell is this all about, is he mad?” I thought the same thing, but it didn’t really convince me. Probably these kinds of astronomers also believe that the calamities that we are facing are probed by aliens.

Indonesian pyramid (left) and Chichen Itza pyramid (right)

Indonesian pyramid (left)
and Chichen Itza pyramid (right)

Think of it, our large heads and an alien’s large head.UFO sightings. People claiming of being abducted by aliens. Where is the proof? Where are alien life specimens? Our imagination has different faces of aliens, from aliens who look like us to aliens who look like lizards. Possibilities are endless aren’t there? But who has proof that we are actually the children of aliens? Who would our parents be then? Why would they leave us on the only planet in another galaxy which has the potential of life? So that they could watch over us and breed an even complex human then wage a war on the planet and end our civilization? AH! So many questions, but there are really no full-proof answers to them. Although, man has recently found out about galaxies that have planets, about the size of our earth that has sustainable climatic conditions for life that are light years away. But no sign on life form on them.

So in the end who are we to believe? The people who have gone through ages of studying the stars and other galaxies searching for proof of the aliens or the science that man has passed down from generation to generations which has proof to follow it? Or could NASA/any other space organisation be hiding proof that they do exist and want to come up with a proper detailed description of the specimen before putting it out to the world. Could be? There are a lot of things we are not aware of, but if you are a human of reason they you would proof that they do exist if you are a man of faith then well believe in everything you hear if it appeals to you.

My main objective of writing this was only to make you wonder that life could exist outside our planet too not to put forth any kind of full-proof explanation of alien life. I hope someday if they do find out that aliens really do exist they turn out to be Transformers. Sincerely hope it comes true!


An elongated skull found in Peru in comparison with a human head

An elongated skull found in Peru in comparison with a human head

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