The Real Unsung Heroes

I’m not trying to pay a tribute to freedom fighters, or the greatest politicians or men who’ve sacrificed their lives to make ours better. Of course they deserve their share of recognition and I think most of them have got it in some way or the other. Some of them may not have received adequate recognition for all the brilliant work they’ve done for all of us, but there are days named after many of such heroes, national holidays are declared on these days. There are streets and places named after them, and they’ve become and they have become an integral part of our history, and the our coming generations will also be narrated their stories and hopefully some of them will consider them their role models and grow up to do something great in life and contribute to the greater good as significantly as they have done.


But today here, I want to pay a tribute to the heroes of our lives, our personal heroes, who every day in some way or the other manage to make our lives worthwhile without asking for anything in return. Their actions go unnoticed, their voices often go unheard. I’m talking about people who are living and breathing souls but who have given away so many things for our comforts without thinking of their own. It’s these selfless people who may not actually go down in history because their acts of benevolence haven’t probably had a mass effect. But on an individual basis, our lives couldn’t go on without them. I have plenty of these heroes in my life. Now why I call them unsung is because I don’t think what they do for us ever gets the kind of attention it deserves. We’re so used to them doing all those things for us that we don’t value it as much anymore; we take it as if it were there duty to do so while it actually isn’t. They aren’t entitled to all the pain they take for us. They only do it out of love and affection and never rub it on our faces because it isn’t done out of favour. They choose to make our lives easier because they are our well wishers and no matter what and how much I say, words will always fall short in front of their contribution to our lives.


My mom is my biggest hero. She’s a working woman, and she’s probably as tired as I am, or in fact more tired than everyone in the house put together since she wakes up before all of us, packs lunch for everyone, does her bit of household chores, gets ready for office and then she comes home late at night. Despite of all this work, barely ever does she complain of how we are never available to help her out. We have a servant back home to help her out but then how much can you actually rely on an outsider for all the house work? I’m a very moody person and frankly there isn’t much I can do to help that. There are days when I’m really tired after all the classes and when she asks me to help her out I end up yelling or sounding a little rude. And nearly all of these days, she doesn’t yell at me back, she doesn’t get mad. She understands that I’m tired and she puts that above how exhausted she is. I’m about 27 years younger than her and I’m supposed to have more energy and yet I barely ever find time to help her out. In fact I can barely manage to keep my own wardrobe clean let alone helping her out. I’m a really fussy eater, and for the past 19 years, every day she has made sure that she makes something to eat that I really like so that I’m properly fed. And there’s so little I have ever done to even appreciate everything she has done for me. And despite of how thankless or ungrateful I am, I know she will always look after me this will because I’m her daughter and she will always look after me better than she’ll look after her own self.


And it isn’t just mom, my dad and even my sister for that matter. She is the most sensitive person I’ve known in all my life and I still tend to lose my temper sometimes and scream at her when I’m annoyed. She still keeps coming back to ask if I’m okay. She makes the bed at night before I come back from my late night walk, cleans all the mess I create in the room without whining even a teeny weeny bit about it. She’s almost like my second mom. I’ve shared my room with her for the past 19 years and I don’t think anyone knows me as well as she does. And believe me, I rarely ever even acknowledge all these gestures of affection. And I don’t mean to generalise anything, but believe me, somewhere deep down we all forget to thank our heroes. We take them for granted all the time. But there’ll be a day when we would have to live without them and we’d realise how hard it is to function without them. So find your heroes and thank them, be it a thank you card or a nice warm hug or a cake. No time’s ever wrong to apologize or thank someone.


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