Most of you who are reading this must be busy in your life chasing something or the other.  Some have submissions for the month,some are waiting for their dream girl, some are cribbing over the house they have or some simply cannot tolerate their boss at work. So much to do and such little time. As soon as one thing gets over, we chase after the second one and the cycle is never ending.

The question is, when are we going to get satisfied with what we have? How often do we sit back and ponder over the wonderful things we already have in life? We say that we realize the value of things only after they are gone. Have we ever wondered that how often do we appreciate those things while they are still there? In the journey of life, are we losing the actual essence of it?

Sit back and think for while. You woke up in the morning on your bed. Remember, some people do not have a bed to wake up to. You went to the bathroom, freshened up. Somewhere in the world, people are facing sanitation problem. You had breakfast, packed your bag and went to college or work. Does everyone in the world have food to eat? College to go to or friends to hang out with? Still, we have much important things in life to do like choose the best outfit for the party tonight, see which heels with go with that outfit.


The question now is what if. What if you were the person who was living on the streets? What if you were the one who had to stand in queues everyday just for a bucket of water? What if all you cared about in the day was to get 2 meals. If only for a day we had to exchange our lives with that beggar sitting across the street, we would realize how wonderful our life is. We would realize how fortunate we are and would appreciate what we have. We would utilize our lives in a better way rather than wasting all the resources that we have, perhaps, helped someone in need.

Another matter concern here is, did we or the beggar across the street have the choice to live the life we are living? For me, it is just a matter of luck. Luck that we were born in a family that had the resources and luck that the beggar was born to beg. But another question is, that is it fair that the other person is living such a life and we are living this life? If given a choice, no one would have chosen the life of that beggar, but that’s it. No one had a choice.

The most important thing is that we are alive, healthy, living and breathing. We have a laptop or a phone where we can have access to these articles. Some people are struggling through life and death. All they wish is that they could live a few more years, visit a few more places, see more of life. All they wish is to be in your shoes, healthy and happy.

Realize what gives you happiness. Does partying with some people you just met gives you happiness, or sitting at home with your mother gives you happiness. Most of the people are out just to show the society how cool they are. They are not really enjoying. They would prefer sitting at home and watching television. Again, realize what gives you happiness and act accordingly.

Life has so much in store for us, all we need to achieve is self realization. The part when you know what you want from life, the part when you start appreciating small things in life, the part when you do not crib about your problems but think of the way ahead. When you start thinking about the happiness of others along with yourself, then my friend you are on the right track.

The objective here is to realize that in our day to day life, we forget to appreciate how beautiful our life is. If there are 10 things going wrong, there will always be that one right thing which will make all the difference. All we need to do is realize and see the difference. We need to pause, reflect and appreciate life now and then. Of course there are going to be hurdles now and then, but then that’s life. Whenever any problem arises, sit back and think of all the things going right, all the things that you are grateful for.

Happiness is found in little things. You need not go to a fancy bar or restaurant to find it. It is hidden in that small corner of your home. Maybe in that little swing in the park across your home. Go out, live these small moments and appreciate whatever you have in life. Life is unpredictable. Live it while you have it and the most important, try making someone else’s life better. You never know, that might be the best feeling you could have ever got.

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