Is it really 86400?


It is quite obvious; the very first thought that strikes us after seeing this big figure of 5 digits in terms of money be it Rupee,dollars, or Pound or any other currency.

Think if you wake up one morning and find 84,600 dollars in your account, out of almost nowhere, you will feel thrilled, you`ll feel any need to work anymore, you`ll be filled with immense joy and you will start planning as to how will you use it, you plan out how much you will spend and the amount you will save. Your being gets soaked in utmost delight and you feel yourself to be the king of the world with all the powers and possession, now consider that 86400 is dropped in your bank account each day, you will surely be amazed and surprised with such humble blessing, then for sure you will be in no need to work and all you have to do would be just relax and plan how you`ll spend the blessed amount.

The amazing fact attached here is this big amount is given to you each day , you are given this big 5 digits each and every day to every person alive, each being living on this planet  is given 86,400 units each day , but people are too lethargic and unaware to accept them.


This big figure is in terms of seconds , every being , each day is blessed with 86,400 seconds this is far too big a figure we`v ever imagined , but we are unaware to accept it we take every passing day for granted . We never realize that each passing day leaves a legacy behind which can never be lived again, the most  horrifying part which acts as an eye opener to mediocre people is  that with every passing day we are nearing our death , our life is limited its numbered the days , the hours , the minutes are counted and are different in every being, life is a journey to be lived to its fullest but not to be wasted, we tend to postpone today`s work to tomorrow and that tomorrow never comes. We`v now imbibed a tendency to measure everything in terms of money, that is the reason that we get more thrilled to receive 86,400 units in  terms dollars and when we realize  them to be in terms of counted seconds of our day we take it for granted , we in these harsh economic conditions are  more and more running after money, not realizing the value of our time , time once can never be back , we are so busy earning money that we are getting away from our loved once , we do not think it worthy to give  time to our loved ones, money has become the most important factor driving our lives, we can afford to waste our time but not our money.


Sometimes we become too lazy to realize what we are doing, we are focusing in all the unworthy things of our life and we are doing away with the things that matter to us or are important on the long run.

Time is a secondly wake up clock of our life which  with its tick tock is warning us that we are not here to stay forever our days and breaths are numbered .  If something is meant to be done today no tomorrow and no other day. Thrive hard to get in pace with time; don’t let time run ahead of you. Some people even today are living miles behind the present time, that is still OK and can be considered due to lack of technological reach to that place or they are tribes who are not inclined to accept today`s norms, but there are many people who live in this day but are chained by yesterdays thoughts, this is going to take them nowhere, within the past is  ever going to change and doing so you  are just doing away with your present joys and the time is slipping off your hands.time,

Life is a numbered game nobody is born with more than 24 hours a day, everybody’s life can be counted to the days easily. Winners and losers both just take 24 hours in a day and winners win because they realize their value of time and can effectively manage  time losers loose because they spend their lives thinking they have lack of time, we should waste our lives and our time thinking and following unworthy things, we all are blessed with the golden 86,400 seconds  a day, no matter they  will neither pause nor stop dropping in your account  each day , we let go  the golden time of our life.  Time neither pauses nor stops for anyone all over the world, winners realize it`s worth where as the people who fail get complacent of not being able to get in place with time.


With every passing second we are nearing our death, our time is a jewel which is presented to every being alive, it`s a golden machine taking us towards our end, we are the once to decide that what we exactly want from our lives either we have to become just complacent or we have to work hard to reach our goals everything is in our hands. We with our hands can use or kill our time, we should stop setting for mediocricy and thrive hard to get in place with our ever running time. Remember each day 86,400 seconds and added to your account but they end with the end of each day. Money is important but nothing is as important as usefulness of our time , we should learn  to  make every  second worthy, money can obviously earned back  but time once gone is gone  forever.

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