What really is Valentine’s Day?

“It’s the day of love!”
That’s the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind when this question is asked. But that is not entirely true.
Sure, for a lot of people, it means that one special day they can plan to have with their significant others, making all the necessary preparations to make them feel extra special that one day, and getting ready to be treated as something extra special too. It is the day for a romantic date in some fancy restaurant, small tokens of love, such as a watch of a popular brand or a beautiful diamond pendant, or even just a single rose. It is the day when the florists are the busiest shops, the gift shops are earning more profit than they did for an entire month. It is the day when you step out of your house, you will not be able to go down a street without spotting a couple or two, walking hand in hand, all dressed up and cozy with each other. February itself becomes the month of love, when every social networking site is filled up with the various pictures of couples, in a numerous different poses, with a numerous different romantic captions to go with the photographs. Every person whose significant other is probably living far away from them, looks forward to this day in the year (among a handful others), to be reunited again. It is the day to celebrate our most delicate human emotion, and you will see it being celebrated in any direction you look! And it indeed is the day for it!

valentines day
However, there are some who would differ from this imagery of Valentine’s Day. For these people, this day simply doesn’t make any sense. For them, love is a constant, permanent entity, and not a single person in the word can live without it. It is almost a universal truth. For something like this, there is no need to mark a day and celebrate! If you love your partner and respect the relationship that you have with them, then what is the need to choose this one day to show your love? What about all the other days of the year? Or more like, what is so special about this one particular day? If you want to gift your girlfriend a bouquet of roses, it can be done every other day of the year as well! If you want to cook a hearty and special meal for your husband, why don’t you do it the day he’s feeling down for some reason and needs some cheering up? Why Valentine’s Day? If what you and your partner have is something dear and special to you, then instead of fighting and arguing and bickering with each other whole year and only showing your soft and romantic side on this particular day, sprinkling some of the love that you only show on the Valentine’s Day in all the other days of the year might be something like doing your partner and yourself a big favor. You never know, this might even help you both have a longer and healthier relationship.
On the other hand, Valentine’s Day only seems to be celebrating only the romantic relationship between couples. If it is a day of “love”, then what about the celebration of all the other kinds of love that exists? On this note, I would like to share a small personal experience of mine of this year’s Valentine’s Day.
It happened when I was coming home from college. It had been a wasted and an annoyingly long day. The attendance was very scarce in each and every of my classes, for obvious reasons, and the professors didn’t seem to be in a mood to teach anything either. You can call me nerdy, but it really annoys me when the professors just take our attendance and just sits back lazily, not teaching us anything. Days when these happen seem to be complete waste of time!
While coming back home, I took the metro, got down at my stoppage and started walking down to my house. It’s a 15 minutes’ walk, and is very comfortable in the winter days. However, that day, the sun was scorching down and was forcing me to walk in a brisk pace and reach home as quickly as I can. However, one single sight made me slow down and eventually stop and stare.
There was crowd of street dogs, almost 8 or 9 of them huddled in one corner of the pavement, and I could see more running towards it. I diverted a little away from my path to see what was exactly going on. When I got near enough, I saw a middle aged man and a woman, probably his wife, kneeling down on the pavement and setting down dishes for the dogs. There was rice in them, stirred with some kind of a gravy, and the dogs were running towards them, with their wagging tails reflecting their excitement. Both the man and the woman were calling out to the dogs and inviting them over for their meal. I couldn’t help but stand there for a while and just watch them. Some of the dogs even came running up to them, and before touching their dishes, licked their faces lovingly and then went to enjoy their food. The couple were patting and stroking the dogs, as if they could feel the happiness radiating from their canine friends. When more and more dogs started joining, the woman got up from the pavement to fetch some more rice filled dishes form inside the premises of the building they were in front of.

Soon, I wasn’t the only one who was standing by them. I saw two boys come up and take a picture of this whole scene. Some even came and patted the dogs on the back. And I just kept and stood there with an automatic smile on my face. I realized that the reason I got to see this sight only today, was because I was passing by this lane probably an hour or so earlier than I usually do. And it was quite evident that this treatment wasn’t anything special for today, it was an everyday routine!
That made me wonder how very few people can truly comprehend the vast realm of love, to be celebrating it.

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