So Who Are You Really?

There’s a girl. She’s happy all the time. She spreads that crazy vibe that makes everyone smile around her. She makes sure people aren’t low around her. She is hyper. She is excited. She is happy. Being who she is. Being what she is.
She loves to sleep. She loves to eat. She can talk about food all the time. She ca keep you entertained all the time. She can make sure you are happy. It’s her motto in life, I guess; spreading this love. She lives her life, the way she wants. She makes it happen, whatever she wants. She knows what she has to do, she knows who should hold an important place in her life and who doesn’t deserve it. She can go to any length to keep make those chosen people feel special.
She has her phases when she dreams. Not for others, but for herself. She wants to achieve that dream. She wants to live her dream. She wants it, because she does. She deserves it. She lives in her own world. She knows what’s right, what’s wrong. She knows how to get what she wants. She knows. A lot.

She understands. The world around her. The restrictions around her. But she tries to break free of these societal chains. She wants to live her own life. She doesn’t like rules. She wants her fun, her passion. She wants her life to be, according to her.
She isn’t being selfish.
Think about it. We all have a part of this girl inside us. Right now, we can all relate to her. I can relate to her. Sometimes, you just want to break free. You hum along to the tunes of “Breakaway” wishing you could do the same. Wishing you could spread your wings, Wishing you could fly. You wish life could be as easy as it is in your head. As calm, as relaxed and as simple as you. You wish you could build that dream that’s stuck in your head since “that day”.
Life is funny at times. It brings you closer to your dream but then does something to make it difficult to grab onto it, even though it’s within your reach. You try, not to get affected by life and its doings. But you can’t help it. That’s how it’s supposed to be I guess. Think about it. Every single thing you do, every decision you make, every thought you think, it’s all influenced by some factor around you. it’s not under your control anymore. Anything. At all. Scary thought isn’t it? To think you made this choice all by yourself only to realize later what had really triggered it. And it wasn’t you alone.
Nothing seems as it is shown to be. Today, you can’t take anything at its face value. You can’t trust, you can’t judge. You just can’t, be.
It takes time. To realize the truth. To realize the main difference. It takes time to believe, to accept and to adjust. The world keeps changing, thoughts keep changing. The world is not what it used to be. you’re not who you used to be. Not entirely. You have this little part of you that is still the same, but that part is buried somewhere deep inside you, that part is not your identity anymore, the question is, why?
This girl is who she is. She isn’t someone carved by society. She has her own identity, he own likes, dislikes, perceptions and desires. She is happy because she lives. You exist. But she lives. She realizes she has one life and she lives her life. She is ticking things off her bucket list, realizing each thought of hers, living each dream of hers. She is being, who she is. She is making, her own identity and sustaining it. Not many people can do that. No one today can do that. How do you know what’s real? You don’t. No one has the time to sit and think, for themselves. To discover yourself, to satisfy yourself truly and completely. There’s too much pressure, too many tensions. There are too many things you’re handling together at the same time. But how will you finish this without knowing, without realizing who you really are.

That’s how I decided to spend my weekend. Trying to realize who I really was. It calmed me. relaxed me. As I slowly came to the realization how aimless some of my worries are in life. it made me want to do for myself what no one can. It made me want to smile, to laugh, to live. It made me want to love each thing I do. It made me, me.
Do this. Sit down and give some time just to yourself. Take some time off to just be. switch off from everyone and everything around you. Relax. Breathe. Live. You deserve it. You know you do. Make yourself worthwhile, worth knowing for yourself. It makes you believe in the unbelievable; makes you realize the impossible.
It makes you smile, from the depth of your heart.

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