Rediscovering your Real Self


It really is great fun to know all about you and one needs to do this a lot. It is always better to look at your life and analyze it. While you were a child, teen years or even when you get into adulthood, you should remember or write down things that you loved at that time and the things that really imbibed fear in you. Sit in a peaceful place and then roll over to your journey and redeem your best moments of life. Rediscover your real self…the self that makes you happy and which tends to turn you into someone who is exceptionally great in their own consciousness and are on the path of self-improvement whenever one wants.

It really is fun to get to know yourself and this exercise is a lot of fun.  I want you to look at your life, at your childhood, your teen years, your adulthood and write down the things that you loved, the things you feared the things you did.  So find a place or snuggle into your sofa couch and go back into the bygone era to the moments you spent with your loved ones. Rediscover yourself.  Find the things that made and make you happy.

You might feel a lot while remembering your moments and thoughts which can be positive as well as negative. But while you are in the process of rediscovering your real self, you might have the opportunity to rediscover the things that you enjoyed the most doing but left later on or you still enjoy doing. The goals of your life, your focus, the things you might have forgotten or the values that were the pillars of your life, your hopes and dreams and the things that changed over the years. Each and every one of them would come by you slowly and steadily. This would help you to get to the root of the problems that you might have at the moment and this rediscovering would even help you get the apt solutions.

The beliefs that you had during your childhood might have changed now with the bygone eras. There might be few hopes and dreams which you might want to fulfill and you might have an idea on how to achieve these things now. It is better to write down all that you want to as this will help you to filter everything out and make you able to focus it clearly and steadily. Be honest with yourself. This is how you would be able to know what you have accomplished in these years and what you would be accomplishing in the coming years too. Whatever you want to do or whatever aspirations you had, big or small, just write it down.

You might find that you have some acquired natural talents or something that you have worked on from your childhood. You might be a good singer or you might be good in sports. Just consider the talents that people said you had and make a note of them. All the people who entered your life might have told you about the talent you might have had in you. Just remember it and write it down.

There are always two sides of a coin. In the same way, everyone has their own set of best traits and worst ones. In the midst of time, we tend to lose most of them or gain some of them. To rediscover yourself, try to remember the best and the worst in you. Think about your personality, appearance, learning demeanor, your openness and the compliments that you might get from people and loved ones. List down each and every one of the flaws that you might have had in the same way as you did for the positive ones.

Remember the teen idols that you had. How with times your idols too changed. Try to remember the qualities that you liked of them and even you thought you should have inside of you. It might happen that at this time too you would be able to learn from them much even if you didn’t think of it in a certain way. Remember your passion and the things that you would do for pure pleasure. It is always better to try and do those childhood fantasies again so as to find happiness in the midst of a stressful time. It is always better that you think of the happiest moments that you spend as a child. The insecurities and fears that you might not have had at the time but during teenage years you might have addressed.

Childhood and teen time is considered to be a phase of no stress and no problem but with growing age people tend to become more sophisticated and intense. It is always better to get a tranquil place, sit there and rediscover yourself. It is only through thinking about your happiest moments and learning from the experiences that you had in your life that you would be really able to understand what is inside of you and your heart.

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