Reflections: Let Them Smile Back

be yourself

Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.

-Oscar Wilde

A couple of weeks back I was watching the Lindsay Lohan starrer, Mean Girls and it got me thinking that we often, either consciously or unconsciously wish to be like somebody else. This is more common with teenagers though. In the desire to be like someone else we at times forget our own individuality and pretend to be someone who is far removed from our own personality. So what is the reason for this kind of a deviation? Psychological, peer pressure or bullying? Sadly, it is the amalgamation of all the above mentioned.

not perfect

Nobody wants to be called fat and ugly. Nowadays, too much emphasis is put on beauty rather than purity. We cannot blame those too who imitate and pretend to be like someone else because the fact remains that everyone likes to be praised and appreciated not just for their good work but for their beauty too. It may sound silly yes and some people may call it stupid too but c’mon let’s face it that we all like to be called beautiful and handsome once in a while. The trend of posting pictures on facebook, instagram and twitter has further put pressure on looking good and beautiful. I even came across this particular news report that an American teenage girl killed herself on being called ugly on her account. Another report said that a girl went into depression after being called fat. Such negativity and bullying indeed compels one to imitate others and in such kind of a situation we too cannot blame him/her for trying to be someone else. However, what needs to be remembered is that no one can make us feel inferior and ugly without our consent.

There will always be some who will try to put us down, harm us in some way or the other and being called ugly and fat is just a part of their Machiavellian plan. So, how do we deal with such bullies then? How do we make us look beautiful without trying to be someone else? What should we do so that we too get those comments of beautiful, lovely and handsome? The solution however is: STOP TRYING. Yes! Stop trying to be someone else and instead identify who you are. There is nothing like introspecting oneself and recognizing our real worth and that my friend holds the key to the solution of all our problems for the truth is unless and until we value and appreciate our life and ourselves, no one else is going to value it. There is nothing like loving and appreciating oneself. So, how do we do it? We can in fact start by trying to come to terms with our flaws and learn to convert them. Remember that no one is perfect but only that person wins who openly accepts his flaws and does not care what others think of him. Others certainly will not judge us if we do not judge ourselves. If we are insecure about ourselves or our looks then certainly others will only get the chance to bully us. As Emma Michelle once said, “Most people just want to see you fall, that’s more reason to stand tall”.

be yourself and attractive

The art of perfection can do wonders if handled well. There is nothing wrong in trying to be perfect and be like your idol but what is wrong is that if in our obsessiveness we cross that thin line between reality and illusion. For instance, to be a successful man the key ingredients are hard work and dedication and hence there is nothing wrong if we push ourselves and try to be perfect by being extra hard working and disciplined. But there are others too who will starve themselves and go to extreme lengths to look beautiful and skinny like their favorite actresses and that is certainly wrong. To them I would like to say that you are only punishing your body. What matters is staying fit. There is no greater flaw than being ashamed of who you are. Just be yourself and stop worrying. Develop and express your own individuality. Why follow others if you can develop and follow your own style. Why try to be someone else if you can be the new ‘IT’. A lot of girls and boys in order to get praise follow the new fashion trend blindly only to draw flak and fall flat on the ground and be the butt of mockery. But what needs to be understood is that being comfortable in your own skin is what matters the most. Fashion is not just about clothes and imitation but about being comfortable and accepting who you are. Each one of us is beautiful in a unique and special way. So, stop comparing yourself with others.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So, if you start thinking that you are beautiful and special then you are indeed beautiful and special. Let no one tell you who you are or how insignificant you are. The very fact that we are born as human beings indeed makes us special and beautiful. The mind sees what it wants to see. So if we see ourselves as beautiful then why care what others think of us. There is nothing wrong in being selfish and carefree at times. Accepting and celebrating who you are is the greatest gift that we can give ourselves. Just be yourself. That is the mantra to a happy and contended life. Value yourself and try to be productive members of the society in your own unique way and not by trying to be someone else. So, go ahead and enjoy your life by being who you are.

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