Before I start off going into the details on this particular topic, I would like to mention that this piece of article should not be interpreted as anything offbeat just because it deals with religion and religion is something that we all belong to no matter what our individual beliefs are. We come across people of different religious faith and nobody actually tries to fathom what following a religion means or to be specific why do we follow a religion. Religion seems to be a heated and a debatable topic off late and no doubt this gives birth to diverse thought-provoking streams and areas.


We have atheists, agnostics and at the same time people who are religiously orthodox but the underlying question is what creates these different categories of people? I do not claim the right to interfere in their religious beliefs and faiths but I sure can draw out a few pillars which seek to explain these different categories of people. No doubt the evidence of us all belonging to one religious background or another is inevitable but not all of us believe in the existence of a God. There is a supreme power that is said to have created the whole universe and everything related to it. World over, this belief, although in different forms is practised out and each religious book speak things differently than others. The concept of “different paths, one goal” seems to be eroding eventually. You’ll find each religious book describes their god to be the Supreme and the ultimate that needs to be worshipped by each individual and scores of miraculous incidents are depicted to make believe the lots. The irony here is that we do not know if these sources are authentic or how authentic they are. These have been written centuries ago as we find mention of the religious characters and the events that took place in an ancient period and henceforth, many term it as nothing but a ‘myth’. To top it all, there seems to have no apparent figure of a god irrespective of the fact that in many religion an idol of a supposedly “god” is created (which is mostly in a human form) to worship and give it a shape. Taking this into consideration, scholars have come out to drill in these issues and find out if there is any such existence of god. They have grown out of their skins and started questioning every aspect of it. While we have people who blindly follow their religion, we have the other section of people who see religion as something quixotic and have started to groom themselves critically. They have started arguing, debating and in the process have developed into either atheists- one who do not believe in god and see it as something spurious or agnostics- one who is sceptical about the existence of god. The spawning of these two categories of people has led to much hype in the recent decades. Despite of being born in a Christian family or a Hindu or a Muslim family, we have seen people sticking to their own logistics and refute religion or anything related with it. Many of them even tried relating religion with science and a few of them have started living in complete denial while others have embraced religion all the more. I wonder what the findings are that have led to both denial and embracing religion! But the question that lurks is whether there is a god (supreme power) and if there is, then how can we vouch them to be in a human avatar considering the various idols in some religion? And if we believe God to have no apparent figure or shape and unseen, then how do we believe in his existence? There are these questions with nobody to answer them.


If we, for a moment solely stick to the religious teachings and try to rationalize it in terms of what the whole logic behind them says, we find that they basically have emphasized on the goodness of each individual and the rewards and punishments that follow eventually. Each religion talks about righteousness and well being asking the followers to ameliorate if they go off track and seek salvation. The adage of “do good, be good” can be sealed in. As kids, we all were taught to walk on the right path and speak the truth no matter what happens and never envy people around us, lending the needy a helping hand, making as many friends we can and practice the concept of forgive and forget. As a matter of fact, if we try and look at it close considering the present context, these seem perfect only in the books and from a theoretical perspective. Who do you think actually follows each and every word that their religion says? Do you think people abide by their religion as they should have (ignoring the atheists and agnostics)? Paradoxically, religion, which is said to have a great impact on the lives of people and evokes a sense of eternal bliss and a spiritual feeling, has now been adulterated technically. How do you see the religious fanatics and the extremist groups? They have in them an aggressive spark that knows nothing but violence and a repulsive behaviour towards other religious community and without comprehending the aftermath or even considering what their religious teachings say, strike hard on people in the name of religion. Ask yourself if this is what your religion endorses! Being true to your faith is accepted but tearing apart the same and creating a tumultuous environment all over by terrorizing people is madness.

supreme power

Nowadays, we are living in a world that is advanced in almost every field and we claim ourselves to be modern and in this hocus-pocus of our lives, we have forgotten the basic human values that are inbuilt in each of us which we have gained over the years. These so-called basic values are learnt at home irrespective of religion. Or maybe it is because of an unseen religious torque! Which is which?

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