Be Responsible: Its the best thing to do


Responsibility in today’s world has somewhat lost its real meaning in the busy times. Responsibility is taking care of your duties and it is a measure through which you could easily answer for your actions. Being responsible means that you are entirely accountable for whatever is happening around you and through responsibility you would be able to gain the trust in your work and of the workforce you are working with or is working under you. Responsibility is about knowing your duties and understanding them in the best manner possible.

Being responsible is really important. There are many reasons behind it. Responsibility is the core value for living honorably and up to the mark. Being responsible means that you are being accountable for your behavior and that you are being dependable when you have things to do. Every day we have to be responsible towards nature, towards our parents, towards our friends and towards the things that nature has provided us and towards life who provides us with newer opportunities. If we are not responsible towards life and tend to take it for granted then we might not know its true value and would waste every minute of it.

Responsibilities can be divided into many types. Being responsible depends upon these types. Moral responsibility of one is towards other people who include your parents, friends, relatives and others, animals and the entire earth. Being responsible morally means that we should care for others, help others, build hope, protect others, preserve nature and sustain things. It is we who are totally accountable for the way we tend to treat other people and as human beings should do so with justice and fair decisiveness. Then there is Legal responsibility. These stand for the laws and ordinances that surround the district, community, state, country and the entire world. If there is something which you believe is discriminatory and is unfair then you should change, improve and eliminate it all. Don’t disobey it but maintain it in the way you could.

Family responsibility is another type of being responsible. It means treating your parents, siblings and other relatives with due love and respect. It is about following the teachings of your parents and performing household chores and duties of home. It is about being a good son/daughter or brother/sister in the house and performs everything in the most idol way possible. Being responsible while being a part of the community is another of the ways through which you could treat people respectfully. It is by being responsible and participating in the community activities and in discussions for important decisions. It is about being active as a citizen who is contributing to the society in their own way. Like you can help pick up the trash to keep the community clean or plant trees in the nearby community garden. Another way to be responsible is to vote in the elections whenever you are old enough for it.

Being responsible towards your customs, traditions, beliefs and the regular rules is another important point. These are the beliefs that you gain from your family, relatives and friends. It is about accepting the traditions of your religion and your country. It is about preserving your heritage and knowing the importance of faith. Learn what all these are and respect them and follow them. It is only by being responsible towards your customs, beliefs and faith that you could know their importance.

The most important of the responsibilities is personal one. It is up to you that you become a person who is an idol for everyone around. Whether it is your parents, teachers, religious leaders or the caring adults, you can easily determine the person that you want to be and it is only about being punctual and honoring the commitments that you make. If you have made a promise to someone then do try to fulfill it. Sometimes people get hurt by your irresponsible nature but try to get rid of it.

Being responsible is in its own way a great responsible feature. So to remember what you want to do, write the list of all the things that you need to do. Write down all the jobs and work that you have to do and then accomplish all these tasks one by one. Also sometimes it happens that a problem somewhat erupts, so always have a backup plan for it. Share out your experiences and ask others to do so regarding their responsible nature and learn from it. Try to develop a new skills or talent which you could practice daily and share it with others. Write poems, paragraphs or even sayings regularly to promote yourself as to become responsible. Do discoveries and inventions so as to become more positive and to get rid of negative ailments around you. Help others as much as possible and start understanding the real importance of responsibilities. Don’t shy away from it. It is only by being responsible that you would get the license to teach others and your children of the importance of living life by rules. This is the true way through which you would be living a meaningful life where you won’t be hurting others but working for their welfare and also becoming a more matured person yourself in the midst. So be responsible!

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