Responsiblity : A Burden or Privilege?

Responsibility is fulfilling and working honestly to perform his duties on time. We all have responsibility in our life for some reason or the other. It is very important that we behave like a responsible person in society and family since those who are irresponsible are not trustworthy and are unable to make place in anyone’s life. Responsibility is taking liability of given tasks and decisions and a responsible person accepts to bear the consequences of the outcome of his decisions or tasks he takes up in his life.

Eleanor Roosevelt said –“In the long run, we shape our lives, and we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die. And the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility”. Taking responsibility for completion of a task or implementation of a decision may take few seconds to minutes but its actual completion depends on how seriously and honestly he realizes his responsibilities. Being responsible means doing your work, cleaning your own room, studying on time and performing many other works without being reminded or warned by others.


When you are responsible for your own actions, you start becoming conscious about your behaviour and your actions and as a result, you try to act and talk appropriately without hurting others sentiments and giving importance to others point of views too. We can bring about a drastic change in our life by becoming responsible and aware about ourselves. No one is perfect and taking up a responsibility can encourage a person to indulge in tasks that can help shape his personality and future.


1. Moral Responsibility


Moral responsibility is every individual’s responsibility to do things rightly and do justice to the duties given to them. This way we can become responsible citizens of our country too and help in spreading awareness about morality and following rules and regulations for maintaining peace at our place. Morally responsible are always ready to bear consequences of their acts. We should try to be morally responsible people so that we are able to do justified things and choose right path in our life.

2. Financial Responsibility


Financial responsibility is a difficult yet important responsibility taken to ensure that we don’t spend more than we earn from our work. When we are financially responsible, we try to make budget for our expenditures and make it a point to stick to our budget. Financially irresponsible people live a life of worries and put their future in danger. Financially responsible people make their future secure by saving money so that it can be used at times of serious need. We should limit our expenses and make ourselves financially responsible.

3. Familial Responsibility

Responsibility of family is one of the biggest responsibilities.  Our parents work very hard to earn a living and support other members of the family so that we live a happy and contended life full of luxuries and required amenities of our life. Familial responsibility is taking care of the health and welfare of his family and provides proper means of education to children. In doing so, sometimes they are compelled to sacrifice their own needs also so that other members are at ease.

4. Academic Responsibility


Academic responsibility is borne by students who take care of their education and give appropriate importance to it by being regular in attending classes, completing assignments on time, being attentive in class and preparing as well as working towards a planned goal in life. Academically responsible people realize their responsibility towards their parents who spend so much money for their education and bright future.

5. Community Responsibility

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Community responsibility means giving support to the people in your society whenever they need it. We can volunteer for any social cause and spread awareness about it in different places. This way we are helping our community to learn more and increase knowledge and awareness. When we are handling community responsibility, we are devoting our precious time in the welfare of our society and ultimately in the betterment our country. It is one of the most essential responsibility and we should never move backwards from taking such responsibility.

Responsibility is not a burden, it is a choice to follow a path that takes us to our goal by correct means and throughout our journey, it also gives us the opportunity to help others and make their life better. When we are responsible, people tend to respect and trust us. This way we will be allowed to participate in various activities of our society as well as give an opportunity to help them complete the tasks on time.

Eleanor Roosevelt said –“Freedom makes a huge requirement of every human being. With freedom comes responsibility. For the person willing to grow up, the person who does not carry is own weight, this is a frightening prospect”.

There can be many types of responsibilities but every responsibility is equally important, we can’t leave anyone.  A responsible person will never delay his and other’s work, will always be on time, will accept his/her mistakes and apologize for it and will do justice to the duties given to that person. So be responsible and live a happy and contended life.

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