There are certain rules which force us to believe a particular thing as right or wrong, we are bound in limitations of not even trying to do the things which are considered as wrong, we are instilled with fear that is we try do a certain thing wrongly assumed thing we are inviting an omen, which might be from the society side.

The very concept of the right and wrong is put in our being that we just cannot thin questioning the basis of them.

no right or wrong

The logic behind this is that the thing which we consider as supposedly wrong is equally right for others, or even may be considered to be as pious as some of others rightly assumed believes. So there is no such thing which is just too wrong or right, there is no basis on which we start assuming a certain thing as wrong or right , when the things were originated nobody thought of them being right or wrong but were just to be as they are, made to just instil in them a breath of consciousness to life. The thoughts of society dwelled evil or good in it.

A thing or a situation is never completely right or wrong but it just is, a particular situation when observed from a different point of view might seem to be then right which we had assumed to be altogether wrong.

The world is sustaining thousands of communities today, every community  has no one right and no one wrong , it just can`t be so, not talking about communities every being has it`s set of rules for right and wrong, like a being can never be perfect, similarly a situation, commodity , person, point of view can never be all together right or wrong . the things which might be wrong for someone may be altogether right for the other, it can also be a life saving reality for another being.

right or wrong

There exists no such thing as universal right or wrong, even death which may be taken by some as the end of life might be just a change of life, a rebirth for some. Our minds are trained  from our  very childhood to belief what others belief to do what others find good to follow the right path, what if the right path set by the society is wrong for someone , and there assumed wrong; right. There is no way a  belief  sustained same throughout a seemingly wrong doing, if favours the society tomorrow turns to be right. Never tend to blindly believe what you are told. Life is a precious gift, given to each individual uniquely its everybody’s duty to set their rights and wrongs and low their path breaking ideals to create wonders  tomorrow , the wrong will automatically turn to be right, but everybody is so busy correcting others that they themselves don’t realize what is right and wrong for them. If everybody  around is sitting inside the house when it`s raining out, then does your mind conflicting these ideas  and making you do what is expected of you.

Even a young child when  asked is the glass full  or empty, replies differently, but as we grow up we are taught to say  that the other part is filled with air , isn’t   following what is expected  as  the right  from  society , we are devaluing our worth are the rules of society so important for us   that we let go our talents and reason for being on this world.                                                                                                                                                  All great leaders have become so after  fighting the odds of society , breaking their rights and wrongs and following the right where there heart leads them .  There is no amount of right or wrong in a situation, the situation just is. So  we cannot move it, change it or destroy it, If asked   to ten different people about the situation , we will get ten different views . So  how  can a truth  be universally right or wrong when we minor inmates do not deduce one deduction to a situation.

your way                                                                         Life is too small to make it complicated by binding our ever soaring souls in the bondages of what is expected us by the society, what they tell us to be right or wrong, when the society itself is stagnant in that belief, how will you soar high following them. Expectations and desires never die out, they increase with every accomplishment by every being surrounding us, everyone wanting from us to follow his set of right and wrong, but we are blessed with just one life, we should decide how we have to make it , others rules should never affect us, to soar high we should aim high and to aim high we  should  free ourselves with others limiting believes.

So if you are blessed with this amazing gift of life which surely you have, you should set your rules and never let others belief intervene.  There is no things right or wrong it just it, perspective moulds one single situation to million different forms. So to simplify your life just be clear with your rules and crystal clear with your perspective. To mark your identity you should cherish what you belief if you stop to answer to every comment thrown on you, you will neither cherish but will simply perish.

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