In the context of every democracy we find certain fundamental rights for the citizens of the country. But does it mean you are free to do anything you want? No, with every right there is an unsaid responsibility assigned to it. Being the citizen of a country you are equally responsible for your country as the country is for you. We are given rights to make us feel a legitimate member of the country not to misuse them. Certain rights are given to us not just to enjoy them but to understand their responsibilities as well. Your liberty to speak, act and react should be limited to the point it does not hurt anyone’s sentiments and emotions. It becomes the responsibility of every citizen to check their exercise at rights that they do not offend the other fellow being. Many times we come across various incidents where people practice offensive acts in the veil of their rights. Think once, is it morally correct? There are certain moral standards set by the society that should be taken care of, as every citizen is an equal member of the society and there should be an equal contribution of every member towards it. Sometimes your acts might not be legally wrong but morally incorrect, capable of hurting one’s emotions. It then becomes the duty of every person to keep a look on one’s actions before they are performed so as to keep up the morality in social spheres.


Gone are those days when people prioritised their responsibilities over enjoying their rights as we see in the time of king Yudhishthira of Mahabharata who staked all his property for the sake of his moral values and responsibility, who despite being a king led a life of a hermit for several years. Also Achilles in The Iliad who knew that indulging in the war would bring his doom yet for his sense of responsibility towards his friend he jumped into the battlefield. The historical accounts like these are limited on the papers only as in today’s world these kinds of incidents are chanced to be witnessed one in billion. The definition of morality has changed in this modern era. People have become so obsessed with their aims for which they are always in the race to take advantage of all the possible rights given to them denying their moral responsibilities towards the society and the country.


Liberty has many meanings attributed to it and it depends upon the person how it is to be interpreted. In colloquial terms, to understand your responsibility on your rights you can observe it at the personal level. In a family, children expect from their parents a liberal and free life without restrictions. And when once this freedom is given to them they go out and do what they like claiming it as their right. People once get liberty; they tend to ignore the duty attached to it the very moment they get the hold of it.


Why do we witness so many cases of robbery, eve teasing and rapes? Is it not because of the misuse of liberty given to people? You have the liberty to roam around even at night but nobody has given you the right to practice robbery, if you have the liberty to speak, this does not mean you can offend anyone by your words. If you are blessed with rights you should also be ready to take hold of the duties attributed to the citizen of a country. If one person misuses his/her rights, others suffer from their actions either directly by becoming the victim of that deed or indirectly when they are denied of their rights considering the other examples. The natural rights we get by birth are often not taken into consideration but it is a matter of deep thinking that the rights you got by birth were actually owned by your forefathers through a lot of struggle. Right to freedom came out of a long struggle from all the colonies that were conquered by other nations. Therefore, those who have got the opportunity to enjoy this right by birth should value it. In every democratic country people are given the right to choose their representative through the procedure of elections. The right to vote might appear a trivial and very obvious right in any democratic country but in fact this is a very big responsibility of every citizen. To elect the representative of a country is a very big decision which lies in the hands of every eligible citizen of a democratic country. Hence, making a responsible use of this right becomes very important. We can observe therefore that the rights are not just for enjoying but they are actually, a responsibility. Rights are given to us to make us realize our duty towards the country that gives us so much for our own sustenance. We should henceforth vow to use our rights for our good and for the betterment of the nation as well. Misusing our rights not only creates a nuisance in the society but it is disadvantageous to ourselves as well, as being a part of the country every action would affect every member, directly or indirectly.


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